ACH Payment Application Process Upgrade By Radiant Pay

Press Release : February 15, 2019
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Radiant Payment Gateway Solutions
15th February 2019
One of the leading payment services provider Radiant Pay has upgraded its ACH payment processing services. Managing Director of radiant pay Mr. Pratik Dharmadikari has taken the initiave due to the negative public reviews about the old payment services being lengthy and time consuming and rather being less efficient.
The upgraded payment system is more efficient than the previous one. The forms are now short and less tedious. The fields required are now less informative and only requires certain details which are important. The efficiency of the payment process is now scaled up and the payment is done much faster and everyone can use it easily. Also the user interface is very helpful.
ABOUT : Radiant pay provides an upgraded ACH payment services , check processing services, online bank transfer, online banking, electronic payment gateway and many more ways to make a payment.
SUMMARY : The ACH payment service is being upgraded and the process is made very easy by Radiant payment services. The upgraded interface is user friendly and more efficient. Also the form are now less lengthy and less tedious. Anyone can use the upgraded ACH payment service easily and make payments faster and safer.

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