A Christmas Gift from the Academy: the Tuscan Cuisine Recipe Book, for free!

The “Accademia Italiana di Cucina Pandolfini” and the “Good Tastes of Tuscany Cooking School” are glad to announce that the Tuscan Cuisine Recipe Book will be given, on download, as a Christmas’ present to all their students and friends on the mailing list.

«The “Tuscan Cuisine Recipe Book” is the first proper book written and published by our Academy» says Massimo Brogi, owner and chairman of the Cooking School.
Mr. Brogi continues: «This book features more than 150 recipes from Tuscan culinary traditions, and present it as agift to our friends and students is just one great way to celebrate this Christmas all together».

Active since the late 90s, the Accademia Italiana di Cucina Pandolfini has always been interested in studying, preserving and teaching Tuscan and Italian culinary heritages. They have also published an “Italian Cuisine Recipe Book” and they organize cooking courses on a daily, weekly and monthly base.

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