Press Release : February 24, 2010
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The UKs fastest growing classified website www.Preloved.co.uk, has conducted research and found that 47% of people would get back together with their ex-partner. The site lists thousands of second hand products and items and thought it would be interesting to see whether some relationships could also have a second life.

Nearly half of those who said that they would get back together with an ex have already done so, with 49% going back to an ex-lover. Of those who had got back with an ex, 2 in 3 said that it didnt last, whilst 34% said that they are still with their ex now.

1 in 4 of those who said they wouldnt get back with an ex, said that they could be persuaded, whilst half said that it was something that they could but would never do. 22% said that they were far too happy with their current partner to even consider going back to an old lover.

Of the celebrity couples that have gotten back together Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston were the pairing that most people would like to see reignite with 78% of people saying they should remarry. 1 in 3 wanted to see Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears rekindle their love, whilst 57% would like to see Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon get back together after their recent split.

Ashley and Cheryl Cole were the couple that people wished had never got back together, with 91% of the people polled saying that Cheryl should have never taken him back. 67% said that they thought Alex Reid and Katie Price should have never got back together, whilst 1 in 10 people thought she should get back together with Peter Andre.

Worst Preloved celebrity couples:
1. Ashley and Cheryl Cole 91%
2. Alex Reid and Katie Price 67%
3. Jude Law and Sienna Miller 62%
4. John Mayer and Jennifer Anniston 53%
5. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller 49%
Ian Buzer, Managing Director of Preloved.co.uk said;

We wanted to explore the idea of a Preloved relationships as we are constantly inundated with second hand wedding dresses, wedding and engagement rings, so we thought why not see how many people would consider getting back together with an ex.

He continued;

The study revealed that whilst not that many people would consider re-igniting their own relationship, many would love nothing more than to see their favourite celebrities back together. I think that it is also clear that the British public can be very protective over celebrities, so it is no surprise that 91% of people wish that Ashley and Cheryl had never got back together.

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Notes to editors
Preloved was founded in 1998 and has grown to become one of the largest classified ads sites in the UK, with hundreds of thousands of second hand items for sale as well as thousands of product reviews and a highly populated and active forum.

The site prides itself on the fact that all private ads are completely free to post including a photo, with absolutely no listing fees, no selling fees and no catches, giving sellers and credit-crunched Brits a free and simple way of clearing their clutter. Popular sections on the site include; but are not limited to, baby clothes and equipment, childrens toys, furniture, vehicles, caravans and wedding dresses.

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