84% of Teenagers think it would be impossible to live without the Internet

Press Release : March 16, 2010
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The UKs fastest growing online competition site, http://www.winmonkey.co.uk conducted research to find out what 14-18 year olds across the UK couldnt live without. Of the 1,258 people asked, the internet came top with 84% agreeing it would be impossible to live without.

Nearly half of girls voted video games consoles as one of the most important thing in their life, in comparison to 81%. Both boys and girls voted the Internet, game consoles and mobile phones more important in their life than members of the opposite sex.

Below are the girls results of the multi answer question What couldnt you live without?

1.Internet 81%
2.Beauty products 78%
3.Television 63%
4.Mobile phone 51%
5.Game consoles 48%
6.Boys 43%
7.Music 41%
8.Parents 29%
9.Magazines 24%
10.Chocolate 22%

Below are the boys results of the multi answer question What couldnt you live without?

1.Internet 87%
2.Game consoles 81%
3.Mobile phones 76%
4.Girls 68%
5.Sport 61%
6.Music 55%
7.Hair products 48%
8.Television 41%
9.Magazines 26%
10.Takeaway food 18%

Nearly a third of teenage girls said their parents were the most important thing in their life; however teenage boys felt more of a bond with their webcams, with 15% voting it as something they couldnt give up and only 6% prioritising their parents.

8% and 4% of girls said they couldnt live without their beds and diaries respectively. 12% of boys said they couldnt live without their debit cards, whilst a small number of teenage boys, 2% couldnt live without make-up and cosmetic products.

Sam Notaro, Managing Director of WinMonkey said,

The results clearly show that technology is the most important thing to teenagers. The Internet in particular offers them endless information and help with school work, as well as keeping their social network alive.

He continues,

Mobile phones being more of a priority than girls to young boys was a shock, I imagine they are the very tool that keep them connected to girls they admire. It was also a surprise that video games were more of a priority than the opposite sex.

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