7 Deadly Sins by Saul Johnson: Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Short Stories

From Fantasy to Science-Fiction, to Dark Romance, to Horror and the Paranormal, you will not be disappointed by the works of the new and up-coming, Saul Johnson. The Trail Of The Body Thief follows the life of a hunter sworn to recover, that, what his people hold most dear. Dark of the Moon follows the path of one lone woman as she searches for true eternal love amidst the human population. A young woman wakes the Sun King, in, The Iron Ring. She is Moon’a, sister to Urth in this poetic piece of work. The saying, to meet The Red Lady of the Pier, was to encounter death. Find out her story and why. Magic Engineer follows the path of two companions who tries to recover a missing artifact, but instead, find what was long since forgotten. And many more…



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