Press Release : January 20, 2010
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One of the UKs leading gift and gadget sites, www.Prezzybox.com, conducted research to look at the number of under 10s who are allowed to own gadgets, and found that as well as the fact that 3 in 5 own mobile phones, three quarters own PCs or laptops.

The poll of 1,398 parents with children under 10 asked the question Does your child own any of the following gadgets?, and listed a range of products, including mobile phones, PCs, cameras and more. Of those who said that their child does have a phone, just over half, 52% said that they had bought their child one having given in to constant pressure. 1 in 4 said that they felt it was safer for their child to have the device in case of an emergency, whilst 54% said they didnt monitor usage in any way.

Of the parents who said that they wouldnt allow their child to have a phone, 3 in 4, 76%, said that they thought they were unnecessary, whilst 7% thought they were a risk to their childs health.

When Prezzybox.com asked all 1,398 parents whether they allowed their children to have any other types of gadgets, 77% admitted that their child was the owner of a laptop, citing the main reason was that it allowed their children to progress better with their school work.

Handheld consoles also proved to be popular amongst the young with 62% of under 10s owning one. MP3 players were items owned by 46% of youngsters and digital cameras by 44%.

Top gadgets for children under 10 year old children:
1. Mobile phone 63%
2. Laptop/Computer 57%
3. Handheld Consoles 52%
4. iPod/MP3 Player 46%
5. Digital Camera 44%
6. TV in their room 41%

41% of parents said that they allowed their children under 10 to have a television in their bedroom, admitting that it cut out arguments with other siblings over the remote control.

Zak Edwards, Managing Director of Prezzybox.com said;

I dont think that the worry is that so many children have and use mobile phones, but that so many parents are unaware of exactly what it is their children are using them for.

He continued;

I do see the safety issue with mobile phones and the need to have them in times of need. Whilst I think laptops and computers are important for education, internet access should either be restricted or at the very least, monitored, again for the safety of the child. The easiest way to do this is with limited access whilst they are online, and by monitoring the number of calls and text messages that they make.


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Notes to editors

Prezzybox was founded in 2000 by Zak Edwards. From a tiny rented office in an Industrial Estate in Leicestershire the team – Zak, Mum, Dad and Girlfriend busily began creating a gift site which was full of delightful products together with a number of features to make gift buying a breeze.
The site launched in 2001 with a raft of gift ideas and features such as the gift wizard, wish list feature and referrals scheme and has gone from strength to strength.
The site has enjoyed a 37% growth in visitors from last year and shows no sign of slowing down.

Having won the ‘Choice of Merchant’ and ‘Affiliate Manager of the Year’ awards in 2007 with an Honourable mention in ‘Innovation in Affiliate Marketing’ against Amazon.com, Prezzybox.com have continued to provide outstanding innovation and creativity in their online service.

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