Press Release : February 12, 2010
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New research commissioned by one of the UKs fastest growing shopping websites, www.OffersSupermarket.co.uk, of 1,923 people in a relationship has revealed that just over two fifths of the respondents would rather be without their other half for 7 days than be parted from the internet.

OffersSupermarket.co.uk asked those who favour the internet over their loved one, why they would make that choice. 36% said they had a fear of being cut off from their friends and family via the internet for that amount of time, whilst 1 in 5 said that being cut off from news and current affairs would be too much to bear. 11% unashamedly admitted they needed the internet more than their partner, whether it was down to work or just personal use.

A further 24% said they could use their computer to contact their partner anyway if they had to be parted from them instead and 8% claimed the internet was more reliable than their partner.

The study also found that 1 in 5 if the respondents would be more upset if they lost or misplaced their computer or laptop than if they were dumped by their partner and 18% claimed their computer held more memories in terms of photos, emails and video footage, than their relationship.

Other findings from the study included 85% of the people asked saying that their relationship would be negatively affected if they didn’t have the internet to keep in touch with their partner on a day-to-day basis and 67% said they felt more loved if they received an email from their other half.

Of the 41% who said that they would rather go without their partner for a week instead of going without the internet, 57% said that they would miss social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter the most, whilst 22% said that they couldnt live without their daily emails.

Eve Atkins, Managing director of OffersSupermarket.co.uk said;

"Once people get used to the luxury and practicality of having the internet to hand, it’s pretty difficult to learn to go without it for a day, let alone a whole week! I think our findings here demonstrate the value of a computer and the internet to people in society today and the fact that a fair few would rather go without their partner for a week than be without the internet is quite surprising."

She continued, "For those who would be more upset to lose their PC than be dumped, I think that has little to say about the relationship and a lot to say about the computer."

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Eve Atkins, the managing director of OffersSupermarket.co.uk has been in publishing 20 years working in regional press and Internet

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