30 Advices from 30 Greatest Professionals in CRM and Customer Service in the World

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Imagine the following situation: you were invited for a private meeting. In this meeting you are with the greatest professionals in the world for Customer relationship management (CRM) and Customer service. Will you imagine it?

30 Advices from 30 Greatest Professionals in CRM and Customer Service in the World

This book brings the advices from 29 professionals for you only, your career and company. They belong and worked in different sectors and projects.. Learn with their experiences in Ombudsmen, Customer Service, CRM, Business Intelligence, and Legislation for our sector. So, enjoy this “feast” of knowledge accumulated during decades. Once you do that, your Customer will thank you forever.. The list of 29: – Don Peppers, USA – José Filomeno, Brazil – Amit Chakarpani India – Stevan Grosvald, USA – Ladislau Batalha, Portugal – Shep Hyken, USA – Fernando Guimarães, Brazil – Russel Lolacher, Canada – Diane Magers, USA – Ron Kaufman, Singapore – Stella Susskind, Brazil – José-Carlos Yamagoshi, Peru – Aina Neva Fiati Indonesia – Waldinei Guimarães, Brazil – Jeanne Bliss, USA – Marcelo Miyashita, Brazil – Nancy Georges, Australia – Rui Santos, Portugal – Manfred Stockmann, Germany – Ian Golding, United Kingdom – Cristiane Paixão, Brazil – Joseph Michelli, USA – Rodrigo Navarro, Chile – Elizabeth Almeida, Brazil – John DiJulius, USA – Mattias Andersson, Sweden – Edson Vismona, Brazil – Lisa Ford, USA – Heverton Anunciação, Brazil
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