10-point Export Canvas seminar

Press Release : July 20, 2020
10-point Export Canvas seminar

Export Business Institute Switzerland, EBI Switzerland
10-point Export Canvas©

During a discussion, 2 friends with an active export business experience of more than 75 years, tried to figure out why many companies struggle exporting. It must be that they miss a pragmatic, all-round, reality oriented export approach. Though, both were convinced that there is a way around this.
This was the driver to develop a praxis oriented tool, a process driven approach to a successful export management. A tool that immediately benefits the bottom line of the export business.
The praxis oriented 10-point Export Canvas©, a framework to a thriving export business, was born. In addition, the Export Business Institute Switzerland or EBI-Switzerland that stands for battle hardened export know how, was set up.
EBI-Switzerland organizes and runs intensive 3-day seminars, during which the participants are familiarized with the methodological approach of the 10-point Export Canvas©.
Participants address the many possible short falls and acquire the knowledge and skills how to develop with the 10-point Export Canvas© tool a profitable approach and winning strategy for their export business.
The EBI-Switzerland seminar programme is built on real world export experience allowing participants to learn “straight from the horse’s mouth” avoiding any gobbledygook.
For further information and seminar schedules please visit the EBI-Switzerland home page, www.ebi-switzerland.com.10-point Export Canvas seminar 1

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