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Press Release : February 09, 2010
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Most businesses think that freephone numbers are best for attracting customers. This is true to some extent. However, a major drawback of freephone numbers is that it costs you a lot of money on unwanted calls. Despite, the fact that numbers like 0800 are free of charge, sometimes they can be unacceptable. In order to save costs and reduce unnecessary calls, using a 0845 number is the ideal solution.

Since 0845 numbers are premium rate numbers, the callers are charged at a local rate depending on where they are calling from. Whereas, you have to have a freephone number, it cost you 3 to 6 pence per minute. A major drawback of freephone numbers is that it raises the level of fraudulence in the company. For instance, call centres might be calling companies at their own expense.

Similarly, many people call 0800 numbers for fun or time wasting purposes. Not only does it cost the company but it can be incredibly frustrating for businesses who continually receive telephone solicitations on their 0800 number.

However, this might not be the case with 0845 numbers as callers would realise that they will be charged for the call. The 0845 numbers only encourage customers that genuinely want to contact the company. The company also realises the fact that the customers are charged for the calls, therefore they treat customers well in a professional manner.

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