08 Direct | 0800 numbers | Small business telephone systems are easy to purchase and simple to manage

Small business telephone systems saves thousands with no hidden training fees, with quick setup and no training required. You can make it even simpler by attaching an 0800 number to it.

Even an average PC user can add, manage and make changes to it very easily with just a few mouse clicks. It also allows you to access features using only your voice.

You just need a phone to an Ethernet port and it will be ready to go. In fact, now, it is not necessary that you have Ethernet switches installed in your office for your small business phone systems to work, as it can work without it, with the help of Integrated Ethernet switching and WLAN support that allows flexible deployment of IP desk phones over both wired and wireless networks simultaneously.

Its known to all, that 0800 numbers attached to your system further adds to your image and relationships with the customers.

Getting a 0800 number is also very simple. There are no hidden charges, no connection charges and no setup fees to landlines. You just need to follow these 5 steps to register for your 0800 number now:

Step 1 – Choose your 0800 number
Step 2 – Choose your package
Step 3 – Register your details / Account login
Step 4 – Choose your method of payment
Step 5 – Confirm and complete!

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