JDubCarter Music Announces the Release of Singles “LEGENDARY DUBSTYLE” & “GIVE NO FKS”

Press Release : April 28, 2019
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JDubCarter Music & Publishing L.L.C is “back to the future” after a “blast from the past”. After releasing “Memoirs From my Grandmother” by Marion Carter, JDubCarter Music & Publishing returns with Recording Artist and Songwriter JDub Carter to launch two new singles titled, “Legendary Dubstyle” and “Give No Fks”.
On one hand, it features an authentic style of hip-hop music with thought-provoking subject matter and skilled lyrical content (Legendary Dubstyle). On the other hand, it bolsters that Southern, beat-driven, melodic anthem (Give No Fks), that will have clubs , shindigs, cookouts everywhere “lit”. “Give No Fks” has a clean version which will make it more fun and interactive for the the younger generation to dance to it.
“These two singles represent different regions and contrasting styles of music. For our consumer base who love lyrics, we have “Legendary Dubstyle”. For our consumers that love, melodies,bass, energy, we have “Give No Fks” Whether its thought-provoking or “care-free” music, we are confident that this eccentric blend will garner the interest of people from all walks of life.”
-Joseph Carter (C.E.O. of JDubCarter Music & Publishing L.L.C)
“Legendary Dubstyle” has a target demographic of males and females (ages 18-50). “Give no Fks” has a target demographic of males and females (ages 11-40).
The “Legendary Dubstyle” and “Give No Fks” singles will be available for purchase on ITunes and Google Play. Also available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and all other digital platforms.
“Our artist addresses the current state of the music, media and entertainment industry, as well as detail the barriers to entry. Still, we are excited to break down those barriers and shake up the status quo.
We are integrating innovative technology this year to compete with the majors in providing effective and valuable ways to have our music consumed.”
-Joseph Carter (C.E.O of JDubCarter Music & Publishing L.L.C)
Full details about the music single releases can be found at https://jdubcartermusic.com/music Contact Info:
Name & Organization: Joseph Carter for JDubCarter Music & Publishing L.L.C.
Email: legacyjcarter@gmail.com or carterivconsulting@gmail.com
Phone: +1-804_585-6531

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