UK Press release distribution

What Is A Press Release

Press releases can be a powerful tool in the marketing of your business. They contain news content promoting your business, which is then passed on to relevant media to get the maximum and most relevant coverage for your campaign.

What Is A Press Release?

Press releases can contain promotional material, topical information, research findings or developing news events. It is important for a press release to balance marketable information and material that media sources will perceive to be entertaining to readers.

Press releases can be an effective way to advertise promotions, launch new or improved products, or also to diversify and branch out into new market segments. A press release operates by forming a news story made up of relevant developments, which then finds its way into newswires like PR Fire for journalists to find and publish.

PR Fire make use of an extensive range of media lists, which are categorised sets of media channels which use our services to source news content. Once your press release is categorised, the content is offered to the editors, publications and agencies within these lists to ensure that your release is seen by the most relevant sources.