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Waste Management Sector Upbeat Despite Output and Production Falls

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that a 0.1% dip in the water and waste management sector contributed to a decrease in overall production of 1.7% between August and September, following increases in July. And although overall production fell by 2.6% in September compared to the previous year, there were some positive trends to emerge from the data.

The water and waste sector rose 0.2% year on year, with the waste collection, treatment and disposal sector seeing a 2.4% increase while remediation services and other waste management services also rose, by 3.8%.

Orion Waste, a waste management and resource recovery service operating throughout the South East of England, believes the ONS data highlights the extent to which waste output management remains a valued and in-demand service.

A spokesperson said: “While illustrating that no sector is completely immune from the wider economic problems of the day, these statistics do emphasise just how resilient a sector waste management is.

“The key to maintaining this resilience is to keep improving and modernising, utilising technology to ensure recycling and disposal procedures that are cost-effective and highly efficient.”

Orion Waste, which has over 1000 contracted customers and its own fleet of vehicles, supports proposals from Defra to cut the amount of red tape required of businesses looking for waste collection services.

The proposals include a full review of the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) system, which many believe has suffered under the weight of over-regulation. For instance, Environment Agency statistics suggest that 5.4% of non-household WEEE was recycled in 2011, but it has been claimed that this was an inaccurate figure because many companies were classifying this type of waste incorrectly.

The new proposals, set to come into force in 2014, will dramatically cut paperwork and introduce a new electronic recording system. The Orion Waste spokesperson added: “We are happy to support any move to drive up efficiency as ultimately that will benefit our customers, whether they be hotels, factories, construction companies or retail malls.”

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