UK Press release distribution

Submit Free Press Release

You can submit a press release absolutely free of charge with PR Fire providing it is classed as news worthy, unfortunately we are unable to publish any promotional or commercial based articles. This decision will be made at the editors discretion. Our free press release service allows you to submit up to two free press releases a day without paying a penny.

Free Press Release Service

As well as the obvious savings that can be made by submitting your press release using our Freebie package, there are numerous other benefits.

Your press release will also be available to a highly effective network of news sites and editors, as well as appearing on the PR Fire site itself. Your free press release will be categorised and will immediately be available to the subscribers of our RSS feeds.

Journalists and news editors searching for newsworthy content will then pick up your free press release and, if they find what they’re looking for, your content will appear on their site. All this exposure, with absolutely no cost to you.

Free press release submissions lack some of the more in-depth features of the paid packages, but certainly fit the bill for those who don’t have a marketing budget to play with. PR Fire’s flexibility means that absolutely anyone can submit their press release.