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Shadow weeds in Bollywood, the death of this big star, the gathering of film stars in the final farewell

Nedrick News

Posted 30th May 2019.

A bad news has come to you from the corridors of Bollywood today, father of Bollywood action hero Ajay Devgan and father of Bollywood stucco director Viru Devgan passed away today. He was sick last for quite a while, he was being treated at Surya Hospital in Santa Cruz, Mumbai, but on 27 May 2019 he said this world goodbye. Well, there are very few people who know about Veeru Devgan but Viru Devgan is the name in the Bollywood world which gave rise to the image of action diamonds in the films.
Viru is the most famous and popular action choreographer of his time, he has performed choreography in more than 80 films. Everyone knows the dance choreographer but Viru Devgan is called the most famous action director of his time. Veeru Devgan was choreographed from Amitabh to Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna and all that action sequence of that time. To give a good opening to his son Ajay Devgan in the film “Phool aur Kaante”, Veeru Devgan had asked Ajay to stand between two bikes and stunts to enter.
Veeru Devgn is the name of the film world which is also very fame of Lime Light and after listening to the news of her death, Bollywood stars are reaching for her last glimpse. Whole Bollywood has drowned in this time. Today, the film world has always called its most sought after director for goodbye, which can hardly compensate him.
It is known to all that Ajay does not want to meet more people, whose disclosure reveals his wife Kajol in every reality show but you may not know that Ajay has a same habit like his father, Veeru Devgan was last seen on the screening of Ajay Devgan’s film Total Dhamal for the last time.

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