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Royal Griffin Publishing Releases New Book by Authors Duke Johnson and Ting Tsu Yu

Royal Griffin Publishing

Posted 29th July 2017.

Authors Duke Johnson and Ting Tsu Yu offer readers original concepts with transformative potential to improve modern culture, including: Creator Currency Octaves, Compassionate Meritocracy, and xCents.

New York, NY, USA — This collection of articles is intended to plant seeds of creativity that spark consideration, discussion, action, and support.

Available in Amazon’s eBooks Marketplace and Kindle Unlimited (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B073ZMPM3T); the stand alone articles and more can be found at Royal Griffin Publishing’s profile page on Scribd.com (http://www.scribd.com/user/237267469/royal-griffin-publishing).

“The financial knowledge contained within the article CurrentSea X-Change by Ting Tsu Yu is simply priceless, these precious pearls of wisdom should be revered and shared for generations.” -Duke Johnson

“Negating all arguments against Universal Basic Income, Creative Currency Octaves offers money users a fresh and fair capital market with an apparatus to balance monetary supply and demand that can’t be claimed as unfair.” -Ting Tsu Yu

Be inspired with witty commentary, creative liberty, and eyebrow-raising quotations that keep the material light, memorable, and fast paced.

This short read will keep people engaged in meaningful discussion on how to upgrade the system until Better becomes Best.

Author’s Twitter page: http://twitter.com/dukejohnson899.

Media Contact:
Duke Johnson

Press Contact

Name: Duke Johnson

Phone Number: 213-537-7183

Email Address: duke.t.james@gmail.com