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Birmingham Solicitors advise on Brand Management

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Birmingham Solicitors advise on Brand Management, and the importance of evaluating and maintaining at all times. This business briefing sets out the practical steps that will help a business protect, use and exploit any brands that it owns. Brand management is vital to all businesses regardless as t…

Stressed employees no longer barking up the wrong tree on counselling

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Employees with work related stress can now ask their employers to pay for psychiatric counselling. According to Oxley & Coward Solicitors, while the ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) is a warning to ensure employers take mental health issues seriously, it is not the slippery slope t…

Birmingham Law Firm launches Knowledge Management Service

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Both law firms and in-house legal teams can benefit greatly from formal knowledge management (KM). KM is essential if an organisation is to transform the knowledge embedded in its individuals and systems into a business development asset that can be used to enhance client and in-house relationships …

Contract delivery of Solar PV Projects

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Event Description: With the pipelines of large-scale ground-mounted Solar PV Projects in Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany and Spain, tapering off, and the pipeline of such projects in the UK and other global nations increasing, My Business Counsel shall deliver a discussion on the key parameters …

Commercial Contracts – Understanding the Logistics

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Event Description: In-house counsel can help their employers to alleviate against business risks by improving their awareness of the relationship between warranties and indemnities on one side, and limitation of liability provisions on the other. This seminar will look at warranty and indemnit…

Contract Delivery of Solar PV Projects Seminar – 15th May 2014

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Date: Thursday 15th May 2014 at 6:00pm Address: My Business Counsel, 5 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1LG Cost: £30 Event Description: With the increase of large-scale ground-mounted Solar PV Projects increasing in the UK and other global nations, My Business Counsel shall deliver a discussi…

Aviation Lawyer

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Aviation Lawyer in Birmingham and London My Business Counsel has strong Aviation expertise. Kevin Bodley of My Business Counsel has practical, hands on experience of working within the aviation industry. The team comprises leading lawyers who have a thorough understanding of the latest developmen…

‘Law Plain and Simple’s Legal Hour’ Is Top of the Tweets for Web Watchers

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An on-line legal discussion forum set up to build awareness of the new free-to-use information and guidance website "Law Plain and Simple" has been so successful that it has developed a life of its own attracting thousands of visitors and generating many hundreds of tweets and postings every week. …

SME Help Available with Pension Auto Enrolment

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Pension auto enrolment is looming large for small and medium sized business from January 2014. Only sole directors of limited companies can escape the statutory process. SJ Beale HR Consult is helping small businesses through the maze of bureaucracy that is involved in getting things up and running.…

In the present context of globalisation

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In the present globalisation context, cultural relations have taken on more importance and the increase in transnational agreements has brought about a real overlapping or interweaving of legal systems. And the demand for legal translation is still continuously increasing. Legal translation is a co…

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