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Personalised Number Plates A Change in the Market

Posted 22nd January 2010.

Number plate dealers use typical databases to construct tables of available number plates and respective number plate matches. Building these databases is a very manual and tedious process, open to human error. Consequently, a surprising number of matches are missed out especially for less popular, obscure or foreign names of which, collectively, actually account for the larger portion of the electoral role. Many word matches are ignored too. Essentially, number plate search systems are inherently limited as only a finite range of names and words can be stored.

Plate Master has adopted a contrasting approach. Recognising the limitations and problems associated with using conventional databases, professional software engineers have designed a powerful and novel solution. Developed over a couple of years, a set of dedicated algorithms constitute the heart of a unique mechanism for identifying number plate matches. Such algorithms effectively substitute the search process, removing the need to search large databases. This is one of the reasons why plate master is very fast, almost instant, in producing a list of matches.

But more importantly, there is no restriction on the user search criteria the system will attempt to match any search criteria to available number plates. There is a range of matching categories that are processed. For example, a name and one or two initials, the opposite i.e., one or two initials and a name, two names together, words and combinations of etc, all of which are mated to a range of plates. Such examples may include L15 AAM (Lisa Anne Marie) or L33 JON (Lee John). There are potentially dozens of such match categories and this fits in with the changes in the market.

In addition, a feature exists that automatically considers variations in names or words to help identify a match without the user having to enter similar names or words directly. This includes using pre-defined nicknames, alternative names and variations in spelling. Further, modifications to names or words are also considered, whereby the length of a word or name is increased or decreased to help make it fit the length of a number plate in terms of the number or characters. This is achieved by carefully removing or duplicating letters without significantly altering the pronunciation of the search criteria.

In summary, although not a database, this new system emulates a super fast full capacity database it considers anything. Generally, only the number plate availability limits search results. Plate Master identifies many hidden diamonds great number plate matches that would be of value to many individuals. Matches that could otherwise be overlooked or not considered.

Would be number plate buyers simply enter their search criteria on the website and almost instantly, depending on network traffic, a list of number plate matches are displayed. Any displayed number plate can immediately be viewed as it would appear on a car.

Currently, there are over thirty two million personalised number plates available.

Platemaster.com is a revolutionary UK registration number plate search engine, specialising in uncovering personalised number plates that match people’s names or words in different ways.