Loans for students: Students have many offers to get best education

Being a student it is a matter of glory and pride that they are studying and gain popularity with their success. Now days education is not a difficult task for the students. They study to get educated and gain name and fame in society. Better education needs cash and those who have cash can get better education but those who do not have money they need to get disheartened. They can apply for loans for students and get their work done in least possible time.

After getting the loans for students applicant become hassle free and then all the financial worries as well will gone and tension of those parents who are lacking money will get lessen. One can utilize the amount for various purposes such as for hostel charges, tuition fees, buying of a computer, college or school fees, purchasing of books, examination fees, etc. These are the essential quota of the students which are really important for them to have.

Student will not have to worry about repaying the cash as they can repay it till they get job or finish their studies. Student need to be applicable for these finances. If applicant is above 18 years then he/she can apply for the advances but in case if student is not applicable for these finances like if student is not of the age of 18 years and above then their parents can apply for the loans for students on their behalf and get the fast cash.

At student can apply through online mode to save the time and energy and money as well. He/she has to fill a simple online application and with some minor details and get the money within 24 hours of application without any delays and hassles. Make sure that student have good credit score so that lenders will easily lend them money. For more information please visit our site at-

A dedicated team of problem solvers are at the ready to help stranded Britons get home in volcanic ash chaos

For further information contact Emma Fletcher on or 0300 900 1000.


The volcanic ash affecting air travel has stranded an estimated 150,000 Britons. With news today of a new ash cloud, further disruptions to flights are expected. The current situation means that Britons are stranded all over the world, needing an alternative way home, or where thats not possible, accommodation arrangements.

My Lifestyle PA offers a bespoke PA & Lifestyle Management Service in London. Although based in London, the company has the ability to help clients with their requirements all over the UK and abroad. They charge no membership fee and simply charge an hourly rate when clients need their services. This means that they are able to take on any new clients immediately that are experiencing complications due to the volcanic ash. The company specialises in travel arrangements and hotel bookings for its clients, planning their itineraries to the highest level of detail. Their small team works to find a solution to any problem, and this current travel situation is no exception. Anyone being affected by the volcanic ash travel chaos can simply call or email them with their requirements and the team will do all they can to assist.

Director Emma Fletcher, comments: The current travel problem affecting so many people is something that we are offering a bespoke level of assistance with. We are able to continuously monitor the travel situation, check clients flight statuses, organise alternative travel routes and plans to get them where they need to be; for clients unable to get home by another other means we can extend their accommodation bookings or find them alternative accommodation. Well do everything in our power to help clients, however complex the request. Anyone who needs help due to this stressful situation can call us and simply use us as much as they need us.

My Lifestyle PA Limited offers PA & Lifestyle Management services with no membership fee. Clients can either pay an ad hoc hourly rate of £45, or can buy blocks of hours for a discounted rate. Visit or call 0300 900 1000 to learn more.


For further information contact Emma Fletcher, Director of My Lifestyle PA on 0300 900 1000 or 07810 860 585, or email My Lifestyle PA Limited, The Zeppelin Building, 59-61 Farringdon Road House, London, EC1M 3JB.

Mobile Applications are the future!

Every week a staggering 71 million Europeans browse the internet from their mobile phones (EIAA study); in fact, internet browsing has become more popular than reading a paper!

This figure isnt so surprising when it has been predicted that sales of Smartphones will out do sales of computers in 2011(RBC Capital Market estimate).

Users want a device that is portable, calls, texts, edits documents and gives them internet access with no need to boot up.

Another craving for the phone-savvy is mobile applications, they make Smartphones that extra bit special and open up a whole world of entertainment, productivity and a great deal more.

Gartner estimates that over $62 billion will be spent on mobile applications this year, astonishing considering that 80% of all downloads will be free.

Apple has the biggest marketplace for apps at the moment with over 100,000 for the iPhone and iPod Touch (and soon to be released in the UK iPad). Although others are catching up; BlackBerry has around 4,000 and Android has about 20,000.

With so many apps, choosing one can be a matter of life and death. When, after Haitis earthquake, relief worker Dan Woolley found himself trapped in the rubble, he used the first-aid app and fashioned a tourniquet that saved his life.

This is an extreme example of how an app can be beneficial, but ask the average iPhone user if they could live without their apps and they will have an intense reaction. In fact, if they had to hand over their phone and their wallet, the majority would want their phone back first!

With companies now considering their mobile strategy, and individuals expectations raising, it is important to keep ahead of the game.

Creative Jar and its App making division CJT, are responding to this big shift to mobile, working with a range of clients to rethink their digital strategy and explore this ever growing opportunity – including some very exiting projects coming to an iPad near you soon.
Who would be without the Churchill Dog answering your lifes questions – or the impressive app which can control your home; from lighting to setting the video?

Paul Jackman, CJT Director, believes that our applications are designed to make life easier for the user; with so many apps to choose from we want to offer apps that can help in day-to-day life and work to get users from behind desks and collaborating in new ways

Jackman continued; Apps have such a fast turnaround time, an application can be developed and marketed to a global community within a month. This new platform has opened up a huge creative and technological potential and is changing the way we think about how to get things done across the web. Plus its fun too!

The iPad has recently gone on sale, and it is only a matter of time before the demand boosts applications growth in the market place.

There will no doubt be fierce competition among developers to grow their apps and to ensure they run on different handsets and platforms.

Creative Jar and CJT are looking forward to be ahead of that competition, and continues to work with its developers producing new work.


With the general election date now set for just 4 weeks time have conducted a study and brought to attention the Top 10 Best Dressed women in Politics 2010.
The research comes after the leading online fashion portal received an increased number of searches for fashion items worn by women such as Sarah Brown and Michelle Obama.
However it was Mrs Cameron who topped the poll when 1,334 women between the ages of 18-30 were presented with images of politically involved females and asked to choose the three they thought were the most stylish;
The Top 10 Best Dressed Women in Politics are:
1. Samantha Cameron – 44%
2. Michelle Obama – 43%
3. Carla Bruni – 37%
4. Miriam Gonzlez Durntez – 34%
5. Sarah Brown – 27%
6. Yulia Tymoshenko – 22%
7. Sarah Palin – 18%
8. Cherie Blair – 16%
9. Hillary Clinton – 13%
10. Harriet Harman – 9%
Participants were also asked to choose what they most admired about each stylish candidate with 82% of the browsers asked selecting Samantha Cameron for her ‘overall sophistication’. The political women who had the least votes included Ann Widdecombe, 1% and Condoleezza Rice, 3%.
Speaking about these latest findings, Andy Barr, Marketing Director of said;
"With so many women in the media spotlight at this time of political change it’s no surprise that the general public are taking an interest in how they present themselves."
He continued;
"It’s really interesting to see who’s topping the polls at the moment with our latest results and no doubt MyCelebrityFashion will see more searches for the items being worn by those connected to the General Elections over the next month.

For more information, or to interview a member of the MCF team, please contact Shannon Haigh of 10 Yetis Public Relations Agency on 01452 348 211 or


MyCelebrityFashion and its studies have been featured in The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Glamour Magazine and more.

MyCelebrityFashion was named Website of the Week in WebUser magazine 07/08/08

MyCelebrityFashion was named Website of the Week by Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s website 08/08/08

MyCelebrityFashion is the first UK site dedicated to listing celebrities and where you can steal their style of clothing, including Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham, Agyness Deyn, Cheryl Cole and others

The site lists the latest discounts and offers across a number of big name brands including Armani, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger etc

Large high street retail outlets such as House of Fraser, Schuh, Laura Ashley, Miss Selfridge, Marks and Spencer, Wallis and Faith have their ranges and latest fashion items listed on the site.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer launches new park furniture collection

According to Fitzpatrick Woolmer the new collection has been specifically designed to provide UK made ultra robust park furniture at affordable prices. This move sees Fitzpatrick Woolmer strengthen their market proposition, opening up new opportunities for market development for the firm.

It became apparent there was a gap in the market for superior quality durable park furniture solutions, manufactured in the UK at affordable prices, Comments Mark Woolmer, Managing Director of Fitzpatrick Woolmer. With more than 15 years experience working with the public sector on solutions for open and public spaces – we are more than familiar with the issues and costs surrounding vandalism. Bearing this in mind we wanted to produce a collection of park furniture that would last. It is for this reason that we opted for extra large slat sizes, made from hardwood and steel with built-in hidden fixings as standard. It has been a challenge to offer so much at an affordable price but we have managed it, and there is no doubt our solutions offer excellent value for money. Mark adds This extension to the Fitzpatrick Woolmer product range marks a very exciting step for us and we are thrilled with the collection.

In terms of developing the collection – Mark says they hope to expand the park furniture collection to include a broader range of styles by the end of this year.

For more information on Fitzpatrick Woolmers new park furniture collection or for information on their other products and services please visit For all other press enquiries please email

About Fitzpatrick Woolmer

Established in 1995, Fitzpatrick Woolmer specialise in public space enhancement. Key products and services include interpretation and orientation displays, park furniture, visitor guides, notice boards, creative mapping, illustration and graphic design.

Our extensive in-house production facilities include fully equipped workshops and a graphic design studio, enabling us to provide a start-to-finish service. We undertake all aspects of metal, timber and recycled plastic signage fabrication and offer specialist finishing services, including laser cutting, casting, etching, engraving and timber routing.

With 15 years experience in the delivery of creative sign and design solutions to the public sector, and recognised as specialists in the field of creative mapping weve built a strong client base from conservation and regeneration Trusts, local and regional authorities to heritage sites.

With regional offices in Kent, Wales and Yorkshire, we are well situated to provide a national service with customers situated throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

ISO 9001 accredited, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of quality and service with a focus on sustainability, and are dedicated to achieving environmental best practice throughout our activities.

For more information on Fitzpatrick Woolmer visit

How To Get Free Botox Injection

April 20, 2010 Surrey, UK FreeBotox would like to announce to the thousands of Britons and even to those from other countries that they can get actual and safe botox injection for free given by licensed and qualified clinics and doctors all over the United Kingdom.

Botox injection is now a worldwide popular non-surgical treatment for smoothing wrinkles and lines on the face due to ageing. Because of immediate results almost after the treatment, more and more people are getting botox injection to regain their youthful appearance.

Botox is short for Botulinum Toxin type A. It is a bacterial toxin which when injected into the facial muscles, relaxes the muscles and effectively smoothens wrinkles safely and in minutes that are caused by movements of the muscles. While the botox injection hits deep in the muscles, skin medications or peelers only peel at the skin.

In a capsule, botox injection:

1.Reduces or eliminates wrinkles without the need for surgery.
2.Corrects deep facial muscles.
3.Does not need sedation or anesthesia. (Clients may choose to have the area applied with an anesthetic or a cold pack before the botox injection)
4.Has minimal discomfort like the sensation of a pin prick and lasts only a few minutes.

Within a couple of days or three at most, the full effects and improvement in the frown lines from the botox injection treatment can be seen within two to three days. The skin appears smoother up to four to six months depending on the botox injection treatment the client had. advices those who want to undergo botox injection treatment that they should really know who can really administer the botox injection. They should only get the botox injection from doctors or professionals who are licensed, qualified and have had the proper training in botox injection treatment.

Side effects of botox injection are minimal. However, Botulinum toxin injections are not recommended for those who are pregnant, trying to conceive or breast feeding, is suffering from any neuromuscular disorder, or with severe allergic reactions.

To know more on how to get free botox injection, just click on

Neil Launches a New Era at the PDA

Neil Ogilvie, 2010 President of the Painting and Decorating Association plans to make a splash by leading a hi-tech revolution during his year in office.
He has used video to make his opening address which is being posted on the PDAs own You Tube channel at
Neil, of Wakefield, Yorkshire, takes on the PDA national presidency after holding the role of president for the organisations North East regional group.
The PDA has a proud tradition and our events, seminars and conferences are well supported by members, said Neil.
I am extremely proud to be the national president of such a well respected and established trade association, which I have been involved with since I first joined my familys firm in 1984.
Neil wants to meet as many members as possible during his year in office.
I will be getting around to many regional and branch events as well as attending major events such as the Painting and Decorating Show at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, the Scottish Decorators Federation annual conference and our paper hanging competition in Nottingham, added Neil.
I am also excited to be involved in the moves to work more closely with the Federation of Master Builders which should result in the organisation of a joint event or initiative in the near future.
Notes to Editors
The Painting and Decorating Association was established in July 2002, following a merger of the British Decorators Association and the Painting & Decorating Federation. The British Decorators Association was originally founded in 1894.
This organisation is Britain’s largest trade body, dedicated to the painting and decorating trade. Members include sole traders through to large-scale national contractors employing hundreds of operatives.
Decorators looking to become members of the PDA are rigorously vetted prior to admission. Members are committed to the highest standards in health and safety practice, as well as training development.
The PDA is proud of its long history and high standards, and a registered member can be relied upon to do a good professional job at a fair price.
Press Release issued by Jane Shepherd, Shepherd PR.
Tel 01538 308685, mobile 07985 129315.

A fantastic free offer is right on your doorstep at East Lodge

The offer supports the On your Doorstep campaign, which is being coordinated by Visit Peak District and Derbyshire, urging local people to take a fresh look at what the region has to offer in an 11 day promotion from 20-30 April.

To celebrate this first On your Doorstep campaign, anyone who spends £100 or more in the East Lodge restaurant (on dinner, wines, tea, coffee and restaurant drinks, etc.) between 20 and 30 April 2010 will receive a complimentary overnight stay. To keep things simple, there are no other terms and conditions but people will have to get in quick to take advantage because once the rooms are gone, they are gone!

A host of the regions tourist attractions are taking part, from theme parks and caverns to Chatsworth House itself and as the closest hotel to the famous house; East Lodge is the perfect location place to stay, while taking in some of the delights of the region at some of the special discounted rates on offer throughout this campaign.

Its easy when you live in such a beautiful part of the country to take for granted what you see every day, said Iain Hardman, director of multi-award winning East Lodge. As locals, we are all guilty of visiting other parts of the country before we have seen half of what we have on our own doorstep, so we are delighted to be supporting this first On Your Doorstep campaign.

The campaign is a unique opportunity for local people to find out or re-discover just how much the region has to offer. Chatsworth House is a familiar name, but it is perhaps easy for locals to overlook in favour of country houses and attractions further afield. Likewise, people think they may have to travel a long way to find the finest hotels and restaurants, maybe not realising some of the finest accommodation and dining experiences can be found right on their own doorstep.

The free room offer from East Lodge for the On Your Doorstep campaign will be an ideal introduction for many local people to one of the finest hotel and dining experiences to be had not just in this region, but the country. Owned by the Hardman family, the hotel can boast a prestigious range of accolades to its name. These include the coveted AA Inspectors Choice, with three red stars for 2010 placing it within the top 150 hotels in the UK and East Lodge remains just one of 48 hotels in the country presented with a Visit England Gold Award.

People taking advantage of the On Your Doorstep offer will be lucky enough to sample accommodation and dining at its best. East Lodge offers 12 luxury suites and these together with the multi-award winning restaurant are based in 10 acres of stunning grounds. Each of the bedrooms has been individually furnished to the exacting standards guests would expect to find in a hotel of this calibre. Each room possesses a country house charm of its own, yet still finds space for touches of unashamed elegance like the flat screen TV you will find in every bathroom.

A meal in the famous East Lodge restaurant is also something to savour and first time diners in the restaurant during the campaign are in for a rare treat. Head chef Simon Bradley is regularly called upon to give demonstrations of his skills, having trained at The Ritz in Paris for several years before honing his skills working with the internationally renowned Raymond Blanc at LeManoir. When not busy at East Lodge, Simon will be showcasing his culinary skills at the Buxton Festival and at the Fine Food Village at the Chatsworth show later in the year.

Many of our guests come from outside the region so we are looking forward to welcoming some more local people, added Iain Hardman. We know many people are still feeling the pinch, so this campaign is a great introduction to the attractions of the region at an unbeatable price.

For further information about the hotel visit, alternatively, to book an overnight stay at East Lodge, including its award-winning breakfast call 01629 734474.


Basic terms and conditions of the offer:

1.Subject to availability. To receive their free overnight stay, people need only spend £100 or more in the restaurant at East Lodge.
2.The offer is only valid during opening times and only for the duration of the On Your Doorstep campaign between 20 April and 30 April, 2010.
3.Based on standard room accommodation and does not include breakfast. Upgrades are available at cost.
4.An On Your Doorstep voucher must be completed and handed to staff when paying for the meal.
5.Full details of all the On Your Doorstep special offers and vouchers can be downloaded from the tourist board website at
6.These offers are being targeted at people who live in or close to the Peak District, so applicants should have some proof of address.

Press enquiries:

Tel 0114 275 6996 / 07930 697773

EL0059 On Your Doorstep Offer 2010

Building IT Efficiency

Interview with: Laurence Millar, Former New Zealand Government CIO

Auckland, New Zealand, April 20, 2010 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

An efficient IT function without service disruptions is critical to an organisations success. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) role, however, goes beyond ensuring emails are working properly. The CIO must enable corporate competitive advantage through technological innovation. A speaker at the marcus evans CIO NZ Summit 2010 taking place in New Zealand, 12 14 April 2010, Laurence Millar, Former New Zealand Government CIO shares his thoughts on social media, improving IT efficiency and cloud computing.

What are some of the challenges facing CIOs in New Zealand, and what solutions would you recommend?

Laurence Millar: Most CIOs are under a lot of financial pressure; therefore they have had to look very seriously at where they are spending money to reduce the impact on the bottom line. At the same time, people are demanding more from the IT function, expecting the tools they use in their personal life to be supported in the office as well, responding to top-line demand. CIOs are stuck between these two pressures.

CIOs need to focus on the things that are critical to their organisation. They can drive down costs by outsourcing commodity type services and by working with others.

What are your thoughts on social media?

Laurence Millar: For knowledge industry workers, social media is an important tool to participate in the development of ideas, whether it be on twitter, discussion groups or communities on Facebook. While I do not think CIOs should necessarily support social media systems as part of ITs core offerings, they do need to recognise that they co-exist in the organisation, and find ways of enabling their use by staff.

What is successful at improving IT productivity and efficiency?

Laurence Millar: The more CIOs can standardise, the lower the costs will be. If they can combine that with meeting the demand for service from their organisation, they can reduce input costs and improve productivity and efficiency.

Instead of creating systems from scratch, re-using software is also an excellent way of improving efficiency. Open source software is good at building on other peoples work. As an industry, we have managed to double our processing capacity and halve the cost of hardware every 18 months, but we have not seen the same improvement in productivity in the software business. Re-using software is a way of achieving higher levels of productivity; it could be through open source or by re-using software developed in another part of the organisation or in similar companies.

Cloud computing is another tool for efficiency. Cloud providers support networks of hundreds of thousands of users, so a single organisation can take advantage of those economies of scale. The major benefit from cloud computing is cost; opinions vary, but CIOs can probably reduce between 50 and 70 per cent of the costs of commodity type services. The second benefit is access to services from anywhere, without additional engineering efforts; this is especially beneficial for companies with remote workers.

What long-term strategies would you recommend to CIOs in New Zealand?

Laurence Millar: CIOs must ensure their function focuses on things that are important to the organisation. It is necessary to have a functioning network and core systems, but there is no real competitive advantage of having a good email or desktop system. As much as possible, the CIOs resource efforts should be focused on the things that influence the organisations success. Anything that does not fit in that category should be outsourced.

What are some of the upcoming trends and technologies that CIOs should get ready for?

Laurence Millar: Environmental issues are going to increase in importance, so whether it is disposal of computers, power consumption or virtualisation in the data centre, CIOs will need to respond to the environment impact of IT.

There are some astonishing statistics on the mobile footprint, and the growth of mobile internet access. CIOs will need a strategy to deliver services to customers on their mobile handsets. Protecting critical corporate information from attack, infection and illegal expatriation will also continue to be an area of focus.

Contact: Sarin Kouyoumdjian-Gurunlian, Press Manager, marcus evans, Summits Division

Tel: + 357 22 849 313

About the CIO NZ Summit 2010

This unique forum will take place at the SKYCITY Grand Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand, 12 14 April 2010. Offering much more than any conference, seminar or trade show, this exclusive meeting will bring together esteemed industry thought leaders and solution providers to a highly focused and interactive networking event. The summit includes presentations on implementing virtualisation, cloud computing and green IT.

For more information please send an email to or visit the event website at

Please note that the summit is a closed business event and the number of participants strictly limited.

About marcus evans Summits

marcus evans Summits are high level business forums for the worlds leading decision-makers to meet, learn and discuss strategies and solutions. Held at exclusive locations around the world, these events provide attendees with a unique opportunity to individually tailor their schedules of keynote presentations, think tanks, seminars and one-to-one business meetings. For more information, please visit

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