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New High-end Digital Transporter Sound Card


Posted 20th July 2019.

Allo’s new DigiOne Signature is now available in the Max2Play Shop. It provides a high quality sound and even lower noise than its predecessor, the standard DigiOne.
This new version DigiOne Signature has two BNC and RCA coaxial digital outputs (signal level 550mV). Particular attention is paid to the power management. It is divided into 2 power supplies – the “clean side” 5-6V (100mA) for the output card and the “dirty power” 5V (2.5A) for the RPI. Clocks were changed to NDK SDA, that have lower phase noise. The DigiOne Signature creates 220 % more space using two PCB boards. The extra space makes it possible to use the decoupling capacitors (film) on important components – buffers, flip flops and clocks.


Max2Play now offers the Allo DigiOne Signature in the shop.max2play.com. You can also purchase a bundle with all necessary components including Raspberry Pi, case and power supply.

Further Information: https://shop.max2play.com/en/allo-digionesig-bundle.html

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