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Ms. Soli Tii releases her album called My Truth on 20th April 2016

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Posted 15th April 2016.

This is not the first album that Ms. Soli Tii has produced. She had previously produced and released albums under different names. But what makes this particular release different is that this is her debut album as a performer/vocalist.

“As a producer I was going through a phase of making lots of tracks for different projects that I was working on. In the midst of all that some of the tracks were ones I decided to use for my album with my own vocals. Because I was hibernating (working day and night and hardly seeing anyone) for almost a year now people kept asking me when I will be live doing shows and gigs. That’s when I realised how long I had not been performing, which I missed doing so much and I was itching to get back into the game again.
So it was time to put out my album and do what I started doing four years ago which is singing live.”

Her debut album called My Truth is a personal one as it covers taboo subjects and situations she has experienced.

“The first song I released from the album is called ‘Just a little girl’ and that song is based on a letter I wrote to my father as a child asking him why he left and I wanted to meet him and know who he was as I had never met him. I gave the letter to a family friend who said they knew of my fathers whereabouts, but whether he got that letter or not I will never know as this was 35 years ago and he is dead. There are some other subjects covered on the album that would be classed as taboo I suppose, but I won’t give too much details about the album content. I’ll leave it with the listener.
Some singers may be able to sing about happy things all the time because that might be how their life is or they conform to sing what they think Jo public will like, but I can only sing about my experiences. I have to be honest otherwise there is no point”

What can we expect from this album?
“Diversity in sound and vocals with a lot of bass”.

My Truth Album will be released on 20th April 2016 and available to purchase on her website and on Bandcamp http://soli-tii.bandcamp.com/

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