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Successful IVF Treatment NOW Guaranteed?

Just when you thought the world had gone completely mad, it just got crazier! An IVF clinic in Prague, the most popular destination for british women seeking IVF treatment abroad are now offering to refund patients the full cost of treatment, if things don’t work out. InterTrust’s patients are offered 3 cycles of IVF either with their own eggs or a donor’s eggs and if the fertility treatment fails they receive every penny back – minus the cost of their medications.
UK women and couples are increasingly frustrated by the astronomical price of fertility treatment Britain, which on average cost £7000 per cycle using a patient’s own eggs and as up to £10,000 with donor eggs.
The new package offered by InterTrust Fertility, who co-ordinate treatment for IVF clinics across Europe is providing a lifeline to patients who previously could have easily spent £30,000 on treatment in the UK, often with absolutely nothing to show for it if their IVF fails. The unspoken consequences of failed IVF are not just coming to terms with a life without children. Often very real issues of high level debt, strained relationships and depression will follow. So ‘FREE IVF”, what’s the catch? “Well patients do have to pay a premium for the package”, says James Walsh, Patient Manager at InterTrust Fertility, “But because the IVF cost of treatment in Prague is so much less than the UK anyway, often as much as 50%, we can now offer patients 3 full IVF cycles, plus the guarantee of a full refund for approximately the same cost of a single IVF cycle at home – where patient’s don’t receive any form of guarantee!”. He goes on to say, “At first people often feel nervous about going abroad for IVF treatment, but once they realise that the success rates are higher than the UK average & that they’ll be refunded if things don’t work out, they often choose to take their treatment with us”
The cost of the refund guarantee starts at €7,500, including all medications and consultations. Aspects of treatment that are frequently slipped onto a patients bill as added extras in the UK. Patients are increasingly looking towards countries like The Czech Republic for fertility treatment. Particularly when it comes to finding suitable egg donors. In the UK waiting list can be considerable, treatment is expensive and most worrying of all for many patients, there offspring can legally identify their genetic mothers at the age of 18. Fortunately, InterTrust Fertility’s refund guarantee scheme also extends to donor egg IVF treatment where patients are offered a refund package at €16,500 for three cycles.
So how can the clinic afford to do this? James explains, “Given that the success rates after three attempts at IVF with donor eggs are in the region of 85% most patients will successfully become pregnant. However the refund guarantee package gives patients real peace of mind, many of whom have borrowed, begged & scraped the money together to pay for treatment. The fact that their cash will be returned if all else fails means a huge amount to them’
The clinic in question, ISCARE is one of Prague’s longest standing IVF centres of excellence, boasting success rates of 45% for regular IVF & almost 50% for egg donors. The medical team is headed by Dr Hulvert, who has an excellent reputation across the many fertility forums and chatrooms online. So is there a catch? “There is one”, says James, “You need to travel for treatment, but the advantages of cost and patients ability to get away from home during treatment generally helps to distract patients at a difficult time. After all Prague is a stunning city & if you need to have treatment you may as well try & make the best of it”.
InterTrust Fertility manages & co-ordinates IVF & Fertility treatment for european couples seeking the highest quality care at an affordable price. Based in London, they currently work with ISCARE in Prague & IVI Barcelona in Barcelona. Several more clinics will be available in the next few months.
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