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Stronger enforcement to tackle counterfeiting and piracy

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Partners in the international fight against Intellectual Property crime are joining together at a summit in London today to consider new approaches to protecting consumers and businesses. One in three of all jobs across the EU are supported by industries that make intensive use of intellectual pr…

New technology in printed circuit board assembly by the Actsource

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Actsource takes the lead in designed superior quality SMT PCB boards for the OEM industry. The boards have been designed using the advanced surface mount technology. Actsource is manufacturing the SMT PCB assemblies taking into the consideration the specific requirements. The key expertise area of A…

LG Optimus Black™

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What can the mesmerizing and the enchanting looks of the new LG Optimus Black™ do to you? Its elegant and sleek design will cast such a spell that the world will envy you. Change the way world looks at a smart phone with this super sleek LG Optimus Black™. The glossy black bezel surrounds a 4-in…

Banish Missed Calls with the Cel-Fi RS2 3G Signal Booster

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To help solve the issue of 3G signal black spots, Cel-Fi RS2, a cost-effective, wireless, plug-and-play 3G signal booster has been launched today available from Designed to dramatically increase indoor voice quality and data throughput, the easy-to-install Cel-Fi 3G booster ensures…

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In today's technological world, university campuses are alive with the sound of smartphones, tablet computers and every peripheral you can name. There's a real desire in 2011's youth to stay afloat of the techno times, with Apple proving to be the generation's no.1 choice. Apple products have flown …


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MITASHI UNVEILS POWER PACKED BASSLINE Series of Home theater systems With the introduction of advanced technology & feature loaded Home Theater systems, more and more people are turning their ordinary TV rooms into a power packed home theater. To save time and effort, Patrons nowadays find the h…