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LG Optimus Black™

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What can the mesmerizing and the enchanting looks of the new LG Optimus Black™ do to you? Its elegant and sleek design will cast such a spell that the world will envy you. Change the way world looks at a smart phone with this super sleek LG Optimus Black™. The glossy black bezel surrounds a 4-in…

Banish Missed Calls with the Cel-Fi RS2 3G Signal Booster

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To help solve the issue of 3G signal black spots, Cel-Fi RS2, a cost-effective, wireless, plug-and-play 3G signal booster has been launched today available from Designed to dramatically increase indoor voice quality and data throughput, the easy-to-install Cel-Fi 3G booster ensures…

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In today's technological world, university campuses are alive with the sound of smartphones, tablet computers and every peripheral you can name. There's a real desire in 2011's youth to stay afloat of the techno times, with Apple proving to be the generation's no.1 choice. Apple products have flown …


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MITASHI UNVEILS POWER PACKED BASSLINE Series of Home theater systems With the introduction of advanced technology & feature loaded Home Theater systems, more and more people are turning their ordinary TV rooms into a power packed home theater. To save time and effort, Patrons nowadays find the h…