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Selecting the Appropriate Car Repair Service Provider is a Challenging Task

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If you are hunting for a reliable and cost-effective car repair service provider, you have to work very hard. This is a very challenging and daunting task because of the accessibility of so many different kinds of organizations and companies handling and dealing with similar kinds of services. Each …

New inventions always help in making the work being carried out easier.

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Man and machines go hand in hand. To make our lives simpler and to get the tasks finished sooner, man keeps on inventing more and more efficient and productive machines. There have been loads of inventions that have not just a daily life of a common man easy but there are many inventions that have m…

Post: The future development of Deal4yourwheels

The future development of Deal4yourwheels

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One of England's Future independent car buying business, is set to bring an alternative way of selling cars to the North East of England. With their service aimed at the national level and one of their most recent branches opening up within Durham. The business is aimi…

Tough Times for Second Hand Car Sellers

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England 30/08/2013 - Whilst new car registrations have risen sales of second-hand cars have remained largely stagnant in many areas of the UK. The latest trading figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) make interesting reading. Much to everyone's surprise, the fi…



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NODIZ PRO is the latest in cutting edge programmable Ignition only engine management used for modernising older distributor based ignition systems to gain more power and reliability, as well as allowing modern engines to run without the complication of the factory ECU. NODIZ PRO8 is the eight cylind…

Post: Dun-Bri Group is recruiting for their new home in Yorkshire

Dun-Bri Group is recruiting for their new home in Yorkshire

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The Dun-Bri Group is actively recruiting in Wakefield and the surrounding areas after the announcement that it will be opening a new branch on the Green Lane Industrial Estate in Featherstone in October of this year. Known as Dun-Bri Yorkshire, the new building will act as a trade counter and dis…

Dun-Bri Group strengthens management team

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Today, the Dun-Bri Group has announced a key strengthening in its management team through the appointment of Andrew Strath as Managing Director. This appointment allows Dun-Bri to further align the Group and gain a stronger focus on its ambitious expansion programme. Andrew, who first came to the…

Services Simplifying the Car Hire Decision on Your Special Occasion

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Amongst the wealth of cars available to make your special day unique and exquisite, selecting the right one as per the occasion is often not only tempting but also an intimidating task. However the guidance of an experienced and reliable car rental service can make the decision much easier for you..…

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