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Launch of a new major fashion brand

Advect Apparel

Posted 14th July 2019.

Introducing a new and upcoming designer brand, Advect Apparel. Another clothing brand that means to enter the world of fashion and provide it’s unique, custom style for consumers to wear.

Advect apparel as of right now is just a startup brand, but don’t be fooled. This fashion brand claims some big promises to hold up in the future. Planning to sell mainly men’s and women’s clothing all over the world online, Advect can definitely be a must-have brand in your wardrobe.

Just starting off on Kickstarter, the owner of Advect Apparel shares his story and his motivation to starting up Advect. As of right now, he claims he needs help regarding funding, and plans to raise funds through Kickstarter to make Advect Apparel and his dream of becoming a successful fashion designer come true. Considering the exclusivity, pricing, and high-end nature of designer brand clothing, Advect is definitely worth checking out on Kickstarter due to the generous rewards being given for pledging a certain amount to the campaign itself.

Advect plans to have a small stock at first of about 18 styles in total of women’s and men’s clothing. The owner has generously gave a sneak peak of two of his designs on the brand Kickstarter page. Advect aims to produce a high-end, modern type of clothing. Things like jeans, coats, sweaters and even more. However, they won’t stop there. If their brand is successful, they claim to expand their stock even more to make more colors, styles, and totally new designs under their brand available to the public. Claiming to even go far as to manufacture shoes, leather goods and other accessories in the future, Advect apparel has potential and definitely deserves a chance to prove its worth. Similar to other designer brand names like Yves Saint Laurent, and Balmain, they claim they will also have similar pricing and quality to these brands.

With the fashion industry so popular these days and in this generation, and with consumers always on the lookout for brands and their potential, Advect has no doubt that it can fit in and provide the unique style that everyone has been looking for. With what Advect Apparel offers, this is a chance for the fashion industry to grow even more by gaining another brand, and our chance to see what this brand can offer and if it deserves our recognition!

Kickstater link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/advect/advect-a-designer-brand

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