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Kettle For Emmanuel

Emmanuel Goussot

Posted 1st September 2016.

“Tea This Away”
With Brexit now truly on path to give the UK a way out of the EU, and with the issue of EU residents living in the UK facing an uncertain future, it is very likely the UK will be a no-go for some, who are looking for a fairest way in into the British work culture of merit and fairness; which the UK has successfully maintained over the decades.

This campaign however targets the following people: the ones who probably have studied, worked, breathed, lived and eaten UK and Australia during a long time, non-UK-citizen: during when, however, no permanent visa or citizenship for a long lasting stay has been granted or applied for; either due to: leaving the country or just not having enough points to qualify in those countries, as per the point system visa used in Australia, which is based on skills, age, education etc. to then become Australian or British. Which is fair enough.

However the problem being now, these very Australian/English-educated and experienced people are now stuck or trapped in France, if they are originally from France. With an ever-increasing insidious or obvious anti ”Anglo-Saxon” stance. Whatever “Anglo-Saxon” means.

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