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Turkish DNS hack would never have hit the headlines if sites were protected with FirstCyberSecurity’s website authentication product SOLID Authentication

British Patent Pending security software could have prevented the effect of latest cyber attack to cause embarrassment to major corporate such as Betfair, UPS, the Telegraph, National Geographic and Acer
FirstCyberSecurity, a UK based software company that supplies innovative and yet easy to use website authentication software has today stated that the Turkish hacker group that diverted traffic from a number of high profile websites would have been foiled if website authentication tools had be in operation. Rod Pugh, Managing Director at FirstCyberSecurity stated; “Had website authentication software been in use together with crowd sourcing technology, the websites targeted by this attack could have been aware of this within seconds, and within minutes, attempts to visit the affected sites could be redirected to safe harbour. This would have prevented the embarrassment and potential harm to the brands that a major attack like this causes. Had the hackers been intent on stealing rather than just trying to show the world how clever they are, customers could have had their identities stolen or been defrauded.”

Mr Pugh continued, “This isn’t new, the same people ran similar attacks on 4th, 12th and 20th August. The technology is available now to prevent this type of attack. When did we last see the headline ‘Bank foils thieves by locking front door’? The analogy is real, it really is that simple to solve this.”

SOLID Authentication from FCS verifies when people are connected to an organisations’ authentic website, helping to protect shoppers and other web users from fraudulent web sites. SOLID Authentication provides proof that a site is real, and that affiliations on a website that are designed to give consumers confidence, like security logos and safe shopping indicators, etc, are authentic. In the case of DNS poisoning, a DNS server is hacked, and people sent to a different, possibly fake website. The software can identify as soon as this happens, alert the owners of the real website, so that they can address the situation immediately redirecting to a safe website.

S.O.L.I.D. Authentication®, SOLID 3PV™ and SOLID 3PX™ have been developed to overcome internet security vulnerabilities such as, cyber-squatting, typo-squatting, phishing, pharming, DNS poisoning, man in the middle attacks, frame spoofing logo/brand abuse and gives protection against certificate vulnerabilities and malware.


About First Cyber Security (FCS)
First Cyber Security is a UK based company that has patent pending technology in the area of authentication of IP communication. Its foundation product SOLID Authentication (Secure OnLine IDentification) allows users to positively validate websites and protects them against fraudulent ones. SOLID Authentication is significantly quicker than existing mechanisms for protecting against fraud. Banks, retail and government organisations can subscribe to the SOLID Authentication service to give their consumers a robust protection against fraud at no cost to the consumer. The SOLID 3PV (TM) service protects brands against illegal use of their logos and trademarks, reducing sales of counterfeit products and protecting their brand.
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