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International Doctor Booking, LLC launches self-managed, free subscription online platformd

International Doctor Booking, LLC

Posted 20th May 2017.

The global health interventions are actively developed as the public health is becoming more and more global issues per the frequent and easy travels. Everyone in the world should be able to accede any health specialist and get advice and care as possible. With the telehealth possibilities, the global healthcare is becoming a reality.

The tool is called “IDOBOOKI” and includes a portal for the health specialist subscription (free & unlimited) and self-management (publication of working times and locations). It has as well the patient’s portal that has different types of health specialties (public health and clinical). It costs to users US$1 per the appointment by the international bank cards (credit and debit). It is available at “www.internationaldoctorbooking.com”.

International Doctor Booking, LLC is actively working to make effective global and equity health care. It publishes in February 2016, “One Dollar Health Insurance” at the major online markets in the forms of eBook and Print on the Demand. The current under development projects include the telehealth applications mobile and computer based.

Press Contact

Name: Claude Sekabaraga

Phone Number: +1 (240) 204-9089

Email Address: csekabaraga@internationaldoctorbooking.com