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Smart Home Technology – Living Just Got Easy

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Hallway lights that illuminate automatically as you walk past. At the touch of a button, lights dim, curtains close and a favourite movie begins – a perfect quality picture and a powerful sound system enhance the in-home cinema experience. The stuff of fantasies, fiction or a film-set? Requiring a footballer’s salary? Or a masters degree in computer science to navigate the control system? Not so. Smart home technology is more accessible than you might think. Developments in home automation – delivered through smart home technology – mean that many of the functions of everyday life can be centrally managed with a simple remote control. Bespoke systems can be created on a range of budgets and to match a variety of needs – from obtaining movie content on demand, to streaming music throughout the home, to full home automation systems, and just about everything in between. “Smart lighting is a brilliant example of the flexibility and usefulness of smart home innovation,” says Rob Gill of Cork-based Future Homes. “Lighting systems can be programmed to gently wake you, in the morning, and to welcome you home in the evening. They can even create a “good-night” scene for you, by turning off some lights completely and by dimming others – like the ones in the kids’ rooms, for example – to 10%.” And there are practical benefits to smart lighting systems, too. Lights can be set to replicate a normal usage pattern when you’re away – convincing any potential intruders that there is somebody at home. They can be programmed to switch off automatically, too, when a room is unoccupied for a certain amount of time – a definite bonus when it comes to those ever-mounting utility bills. Technology does change quickly, so it can be worthwhile finding a company who specialises in smart home technology to guide you through the current possibilities and likely future developments. A good company will work with you, to understand your family’s needs, and to create a workable, on-budget solution. The best companies will have a team of design engineers whose skills evolve with product innovations and who can ensure that your home automation system is both scalable and forward-compatible. The smart home possibilities are endless when it comes to automated entertainment solutions. Multi-room audio systems can deliver different music, simultaneously, to different rooms – and you can easily switch to party mode, when you’re entertaining, for synchronised music streaming. There are myriad ways to create the perfect home cinema, too. Whether it’s for a bespoke in-home theatre or for installation in the living room, there’s a selection of high-end equipment – including TVs, projectors, speaker systems, and blu-rays – to choose from. Technology is changing the way we live and our expectations about what is possible. We are increasingly reliant on internet technology for activities other than simple web browsing. As we adopt these technologies – printing, file-sharing, gaming, calls, movie streaming – we can start to encounter performance issues. And smart home specialists can work with you, to understand how your family use technology and to design a secure home network that is right for you – from simple wireless installations to air conditioned equipment rooms. Smart home systems can be controlled by touch screen, by remote control or by customised keypad. But with the advent of tablet PC technology – like the iPad – controlling your home’s electronic equipment is simplicity itself. You can roam your home – or, indeed, the world – using your iPad as a mobile touch screen, controlling your home environment as you go. Carefully designed smart home installations should enhance your standard of living and provide you with a unique blend of comfort, cost saving and control. Rob Gill, from Future Homes, couldn’t agree more, “Automation systems should streamline and simplify all the technology in your home, enhancing your life – without requiring a footballer’s salary!” (644 words)
ENDS For further information, please contact: Rob Gill or Conor Quigley at Future Homes
Unit 4 Carrigaline Industrial Estate, Crosshaven Road, Cork
Telephone: 1890 98 99 49

Editors’ Note Future Homes was established in 2005 by Conor Quigley and Rob Gill as a subsidiary of technology specialists, the Russcon Group. Since its inception, Future Homes has worked on prestigious projects with acclaimed architects and builders. The company has built a reputation for delivering leading-edge home automation solutions.

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