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ProspectService: Digging Deep Foundations for the Home of Excellence

ProspectService is the manifestation of a deep and long-lasting desire of mine to help people. That may sound cheesy but it’s true. We live in a world where people are faced with so many challenges that they end up never fulfilling their dreams or living up to their potential. Society may be constantly telling us that training, education, professionalism and even entrepreneurship are the keys to success, but the arena is a tough and competitive one, and so many of the young people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing are faced with opposition on every side. There just aren’t as many opportunities as there used to be, and so early on I took it upon myself to create opportunities, for myself and for others. It was out of this desire that ProspectService was born.

The company is essentially the complete property maintenance and support service package, catering to both businesses and homes. Our fundamental principle is high quality, which explains our tagline, “home of excellence”; because we understand that people wantand deserve the best.

That being said, the most important characteristic of the company is the team itself. Forming the company meant bringing together a team of sharp, dynamic individuals – who merely needed a chance, who were hungry to learn and build something great, and who I knew would catch the vision and run with it.In our aim to overcome the so-called impossible, we’ve committed ourselves to employing and discovering the potential of single mothers, former gang members, students who couldn’t afford to finish their degree, the long-term unemployed, and the proverbial NEETs of the present generation, giving them opportunities to fly and to flourish. We promote a culture of leadership, in order to bring out all of the dynamism within them, and encourage them to take control of not only their departments, but their lives as a whole.
Through studying business at university, and learning from the numerous corporate, familial and spiritual leaders I have around me, I have been able to understand that business is really about inspiring others, and achieving great things by helping them to develop and discover the greatness and purpose within themselves.

Nonetheless, establishing the company up to the present point has been a tough and often discouraging journey, during which we’ve faced countless obstacles that in normal circumstances would’ve meant our collapse. The greatest challenge was getting several of the people I was initially working with to see the vision of the company, because a management team in disagreement cannot move forward. Those executives’ refusal to see the unseen, or to work hard without the immediate promise of gratification, was the reason that they had to be replaced in order to the company to progress. I also faced quite a bit of persecution and suspicion over my motivations for starting a business, as well as doubt from some the people who were closest to me. But all of these things merely served to teach me that if you have the right people around you, anything is possible, and that only the One who gave me this vision could enable me to bring it into being.
It has certainly been a sharp learning curve for a business graduate with no experience in building or DIY, believe me! However, one thing I discovered long ago is that with God all things are possible, and that it is never a money problem; it is always an idea problem. All of the favour, wisdom and strength I’ve required to keep this business going have been graciously granted to me, and today we have a strong team of fifteen permanent staff, as well as tradesmen, cleaners and caterers, and a client base that is growing daily.

It’s certainly satisfying to defy and exceed the expectations of the former colleagues who thought we would never get here, the family members who used to doubt that this was possible, and the lecturer who even told me I would never amount to anything. Our longevity shows that we don’t give up easily; our astronomical growth – from four employees to over twenty in just three months – shows that increase is in our nature; and our introduction of sophisticated systems and initiatives, reflects our consistent desire to give customers the very best service around. We may have begun as unlikely heroes at ProspectService, but we are determined to take the world by storm.

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