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Ghost Nation is here with their second release: “Your Final Kill”

Ghost Nation

Posted 20th July 2017.

Really proud and happy about the response of the last release “Turn Off The Lights”, 3 weeks at #1 on Billboard Spotify Viral 50 and the support from listeners and fans!

Hope that you enjoy the new pop song: Your Final Kill

Ghost Nation is an alternative pop band formed by Swedish music producers and songwriters Micke Berg and Tomas Vasseur.

It would be hard to point to a signature Ghost Nation production style. They blend sounds and blur the lines between genres, but pop music is always within reach. Alternative pop but top 40, unique but commercial, would maybe be one way to describe there music

Music in the same genre as bands/artists such as Banks, Halsey and Imagine Dragons.

Press Contact

Name: Team Ghost Nation

Phone Number: +46761050876

Email Address: contact@ghostnation.se