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Reboot Dorset Boot Camp UK

Train yourself with a plan to ensure physical, psychological and nutritional needs!

West Dorset, United Kingdom – January 20, 2013 – Reboot Dorset fitness and weight loss UK boot camp is the biggest trend setter among boot camps in the United Kingdom, based and operating out of Dorset. It has been ranked as the best fitness and weight-loss Company in the United Kingdom by Independent Magazine in their issue dated January 2013. They assure people of a fitness regime that balances nutrition with physical exertion and psychological stretching. One can check out further details at:

Debs Morley had this to say about the UK boot camp, “At times it’s painful but well worth every moment! My attitudes to food and exercise have been completely changed, hopefully for good. The trainers are excellent – they somehow manage to get more out of you without you realizing it. I would recommend Reboot fitness boot camp to anyone!”

“I had a fantastic week boot camp, the team are amazing! Really close one to one training and very informative nutritional advice. It was an amazing feeling of achievement at the end of the week on every level. Thank you so much for this great opportunity. I have had a great week; I’m knackered but feel great all the same. Cheers!” feels Darren Carr.

The nutritionist at Reboot has designed a food menu that balances sugar levels, while maintaining nutrition and taste for the patrons.

The Reboot UK boot camp provides activities like running, boxing and beach circuits – aiming to heighten one’s fitness level while also providing team building activities which use the beautiful Dorset beach as a backdrop.

This Reboot fitness boot camp may run only for five days every month, but it offers full support to its patrons with a 3 month post camp care plan – so even after you reach the target you set yourself, you are able to maintain your hard earned fitness. During this five day period, the nutritionist at Reboot UK boot camp runs on an average three nutrition workshops simultaneously.

Losing weight may be a lonely task, but with Reboot, and its special group activities – log race, gun race etc. – one can get past shyness barriers and add a societal dimension to the process of losing one’s weight.

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