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Frozen veg more popular with majority of consumers

Frozen vegetables are proving to be the preferential choice for the majority of British consumers, according to new research from, the UKs leading discount and voucher code website.

According to the latest study, 52% of British supermarket consumers admit buying frozen vegetables over fresh produce when possible; the main reason for over two thirds, 67%, of whom being the longevity of frozen produce.

Conducted by, the study took place as part of research into the supermarket shopping habits of British consumers; due to the large amount of supermarket discounts featured on the website. 1, 439 men and women aged 18 and over subsequently took part.

Respondents to the study were initially asked the question, Do you buy vegetables from the supermarket? to which 96% of respondents answered yes. These respondents were subsequently required to answer the question, Do you prefer to buy frozen or fresh vegetables when buying from the supermarket? Over half, 52%, answered frozen; whilst 48% replied fresh.

Those who preferred frozen were asked to stipulate why this was the case. The majority, 67%, explained that they preferred the longevity of frozen produce; whilst one in five, 21%, admitted that frozen vegetables were better value for money. Just one in ten, 9%, admitted that they preferred the taste of frozen vegetables.

However, the trend for frozen over fresh with consumers was not translated when it came to meat and poultry produce. Whilst a similar 94% of respondents to the study admitted to buying meat/ poultry from the supermarket, when asked Do you prefer to buy frozen or fresh meat/poultry? the majority, 62%, explained that they preferred fresh.

Of those who preferred to buy fresh meat over frozen , 65% explained that it was because they preferred the taste; whilst a quarter, 24%, explained that they thought fresh meat was of a higher quality.

Mark Pearson, chairman of, commented on the findings:

As part of regular research into the shopping habits of British supermarket goers, we wanted to look into how people feel towards both fresh and frozen produce. Whilst frozen vegetables took the edge as the preference of just over half of those we polled, this appeared to be mainly for reasons surrounding the longevity of the product; as fresh vegetables can often spoil before they are eaten.

He continued:

Whilst this trend was not the same for meat and poultry produce, consumers should remember that buying frozen is often a great way of saving money. For meat and vegetables alike, if frozen promptly and correctly, both taste and quality can be preserved quite well; with a less heavy price tag often accompanying frozen produce. Whilst buying frozen foods can often be a great way to save a little money, all is down to personal taste at the end of the day. However, I am yet to meet someone who prefers shelling fresh peas to heating their frozen partners!



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Editors Notes

Mark Pearson, Chairman of is a regular media contributor regarding online shopping and the credit crunch. At 29, his personal worth is more than £30 million. Mark was previously a trainee chef working for Gordon Ramsay at Claridges, London.

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