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Fear of HIV and hepatitis, as unlicensed cosmetic surgery found to be cockroach infested

Enviro Safe Pest Control

Posted 29th July 2019.

A shocking event has been reported as a dodgy cosmetic clinic hidden inside a jewellery shop has been busted. The cosmetic surgery clinic was infested with cockroaches and apparently several people were seen coming out of the cosmetic surgery with wounds. The jewellery shop Thanh Loi is located in Springvale Shopping Centre and has been in operation since January 2018.It has been found out that it has conducted several kind of surgeries such as eyebrow tattoos mole removal, skin tightening and other cosmetic surgeries on many client. The recent clients have been contacted and have been advised to contact their GP ion order to get themselves checked and treated in case they are experiencing any discomfort.

Due to cockroach infestation the council fears that it could be a carrier of deadly viruses which are blood borne and cause diseases such as Hepatitis B and C and HIV as cockroaches have been found crawling on equipment’s had other facilities which are in direct contact of the clients. The blood-borne virus can spread very fast through roaches hence all necessary procedures by the council is in place until all 68 clinic customers have been contacted.

The chief health officer has also advised people to do their homework before getting in touch with any cosmetic surgery providers.

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