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‘Exit Rostov’ by Henry Virgin – debut novel published by Schnoff


Posted 11th April 2019.

Henry Virgin’s Debut Novel, ‘Exit Rostov’ has been published by Schnoff. Smelted in the intersection of Embers, The Third Man, Another Country, The Unquiet Grave and The Sorrows of Young Werther, this Rite of Passage is conceived within a journey through the South Russian Caucasus in the late 90’s where the poet / author / artist was a teacher. Centring on post-Soviet Rostov-on-Don, it charts the tale of Frederick who seeks his lost friend Cazimir. At 686 Pages. with over 100 illustrations including maps, drawings, paintings, photographs, and poetry, prepare for pleasure-depth immersion in the psyche of one of Britain’s most interesting new voices. More details can be found on www.henryvirgin.com

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