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Small Scale Renewable Projects to Get the Support They Need

Thanks to an about turn by the Government, small scale renewable energy projects in the UK will not be excluded from support. The Renewables Obligation scheme (RO) places an obligation on the country’s electricity suppliers to source a percentage of their energy from renewable sources.

Earlier in the year, the Department for Energy and Climate Change advocated excluding any new small-scale installations from RO support; small-scale being between 50kW and 5MW output.

If the proposal had been successful, it would have meant that any future renewable installation, including solar, anaerobic digestion, onshore wind and hydro power installed after 1 April 2013, would only get RO support if they were over the small-scale rating.

This will certainly make things more appealing to those, such as members of the Country, Land and Business Association (CLA), who wish to undertake small renewable energy projects.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker reported “I am fully committed to spurring on growth in clean green energy generation across the nation and want to provide long-term certainty for those who choose to invest”

In response, CLA president Harry Cotterell said: “I am delighted the government has confirmed that the RO will remain open for small-scale projects. These are of exactly the size that most CLA members invest in and install on their land.”


Bio: Written on behalf of Enerfina, who researches and selects products from a small selection of high quality, proven manufacturers of renewable energy products for your benefit.

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