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Pipework suffers from many different problems including erosion-corrosion, impact damage, adverse weather conditions and abrasion. Conventionally, problems such as these may lead to the entire system having to be closed down and drained before any repair process or replacement can begin. With the high cost of downtime, more and more companies are looking for time and cost-saving alternatives to replacing damaged assets. Belzona offer a simple, cost effective solution to securing leaking pipes.

In September 2011, application services division, Belzona Technosol Limited successfully stemmed a gas leak on a 24 inch cast iron pipe at a steel works in Teesside. The pipe was the gas main between the coke ovens and the power plant and required an immediate solution. The leak was detected and once excavated a crack of 25cm length was found to be the cause. Belzona 1121 (Super XL-Metal) was selected due to its extended working life, to pack the gasket and to create fillets on either side of the flange. A three layer wrap repair was then completed using Belzona 1121 and Belzona 9341 (Reinforcing Tape), ensuring a long lasting and reliable repair.

The preparation, application and cure were completed within 2 days. The gas main was then reopened and tested at full pressure to the absolute satisfaction of the client.

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