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Poorer Areas Paying More as Energy Costs Rise

A recent survey announced results that lower income families in poorer areas are paying higher energy costs than areas with a higher income and standard of living.

Areas in North Wales and Merseyside have some of the highest poverty levels in the UK, yet pay on average £1,400 per year. This is compared to wealthier regions in London and the South-East that pay approximately £1,300 annually.

Many homes are doing their upmost to cut the costs of their energy bills through home alterations and improvements via companies such as Electric Point. In some cases, these places can help lead to a 20% reduction in usage and a cut in costs. However many people feel it’s not enough.

Mark Todd, of, the site which conducted the survey, reported “It’s a harsh reality that areas of the UK with the highest poverty rates are also being hit with the highest energy bills. The areas that need the cheapest energy are ending up paying the most.”

These results come to light after a leading energy supplier announced a further increase in prices over the coming winter. SSE, second largest only to British Gas, announced that they would raise their rates by nine per cent from October 15.

Other suppliers are also soon expected to follow their lead with increases of their own rates over the winter period.

Mr Todd also added that the public should compare prices in order to find the best deals now. He stated “Consumers should switch now to avoid the price ­increases that are likely to be imposed over the coming months.”

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