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Legionella and Heating Systems – Are you at risk?

Legionella in the wrong type of heating system can kill you and with some 350 cases of the disease in England and Wales every year more must be done to avoid this potentially fatal disease, according to Denis Kerr, UK Managing Director for REM – one of Europe’s most successful suppliers and installers of environmental heating systems. In their normal environment, Legionella bacteria are mostly harmless, but outdated water systems provide favourable conditions that allow the bacteria to multiply to large numbers, causing dangerous outbreaks explains Denis in a new YouTube video which is receiving hits from concerned householders every day

‘Legionella bacteria is already in the water system. It’s when you put it into the water tank in your house that the problem arises.’ explains Denis. ‘There is increasing evidence that outdated hot water and heating systems are making us ill.’

Systems that allow fresh water to be heated direct from the mains is the only answer says REM. Water is heated to a temperature that kills the bacteria before use so that the bacteria cannot bloom. Such systems also make the best use of energy as they only heat the water being used, rather than constantly re-heating old water.

‘Legionella needs large volumes of stagnant water and it needs water held at a temperature between 20ºC to 45ºC to bloom,’ explains Denis. ‘A hot water cylinder is exactly that – a large stagnant vessel.’

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