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Call Center Studio

Posted 20th June 2019.

Qualified VARS, Resellers and Consultants Can Receive $8,000 Worth of Software Licenses for Free!

Call Center Studio, the World’s First Call Center Software Powered by Google, today announced its global Partner Program to allow VARs, System Integrators and Consultants to resell its SaaS-based Call Center Studio. As an incentive for potential partners, Call Center Studio is providing over $8,000 worth of software for free to qualified applicants.

“As the first call center powered by Google, we’ve been receiving more requests than we can handle with our direct sales force,” CEO Cenk Soyak said. “This is why we’ve set up our global partner program.”

Austin Finch, one of the partner managers, explains, “We also notice that some of our largest accounts, like FedEx, Pepsico, eBay, L’Oreal, Little Caesars and others, often prefer to work with local VARs and integrators, so resellers have an inside advantage.”

Because it is built on Google Cloud, Call Center Studio claims to be infinitely scalable, ready to deploy in 10 minutes anywhere in the world and uses native WebRTC so you can make and receive calls with a standard Chrome browser. It also includes Google BI and Analytics built-in and is one of the first to include the new Google Dialogflow with AI so customers can get quick answers 24/7.

To ensure partners’ success, in addition to free software that can help resellers sell, the Call Center Studio Partner Program includes an extra 10% jump-start margin for any deals registered within their first 90 days, plus all resellers start at the gold level to ensure competitive margins immediately.

For more information or to apply, visit https://callcenterstudio.com/partners/.

Press Contact

Name: Austin Finch

Phone Number: 512 872 7565

Email Address: partners@callcenterstudio.com