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Green Shoots For Small Business In The UK

Record sales of small businesses across the UK reported

Small business sales are reaching record limits as yet another large firm goes to the wall.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) this week has reported that one in 10 shops is closed across the country with Comet about to join the ranks of other large chain stores including JJB Sports, Clinton Cards, Game and Peacocks who have either cut back or failed this year.

It’s not all doom and gloom, although The Office for National Statistics last week showed retail sales fell 0.8% in October this year. With more small business takeovers breathing new life into these operations Preferred Commercial is confident of a return to sustainable growth throughout the UK.

It seems that many people are wanting to invest in their own future and buying a successful small business is on the rise. This encouraging news was brought up at a recent Preferred Commercial Conference where Director Rod Burney said ‘the small business sector is forging ahead strongly’; he went on to say ‘we have recorded the strongest small business sales ever in 2012′. Rod Burney went on to say ‘It seems that whilst many large firms are struggling, buying an already successful small business is more popular than ever and is a great way to secure your own financial future and help deliver the growth the UK so desperately needs’. Vince Cable MP told the CBI’s Annual Conference ‘there are reassuring signs the economy is continuing to recover and there is a more upbeat mood among the business community’. Although many business owners are saying if the Government wants to help retailers and create new jobs it needs to readdress next year’s looming business rate rises that could see more struggling firms fall by the wayside.

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