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Axiom Power Theatre Voice Enhancer 10000mAh Power Bank (Black)


Posted 27th May 2019.

Smartphone’s Sound Enhancer is Power Theatre , it’s Made in India & Innovative mobile-enhancing device designed and manufactured by Axiom Group.

Its power storage 10000mAh and sound amplification capabilities make it a perfect companion of the mobile phone with Viewing Stand, transforming it into a music system for a house party,Group cricket watch cooking recipes youtube movies music or a neat business presentation device. It also makes the video calling experience truly hands free.

Fulfilling video experience with 2X sound.Watch cooking video without being chained to your mobile by earphones. Learn new and interesting things with the help of tutorials.

If your job demands you to move about a lot, Power Theatre is very handy to make presentations before a client should the situation demands such immediacy. The size of Power Theatre and

its sound amplification makes it a perfect presentation device on the move.

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Name: e.g. Joe Bloggs, Head of Communications

Phone Number: 9603833313

Email Address: powertheatreaxiom@gmail.com