Mole catching across lancashire

April is a plum time of year for mole activity to be seen, mainly because grass has been eaten back by livestock or just withered in gardens and verges so that it makes mole hills all the more easy to spot.
Since the snow has subsided the moles seem to be digging more than ever at the moment, they are all the more noticeable as they push their hills up amongst the snow.
Since the banning of strychnine in September 2006, now both on large scale jobs on farms and in gardens Assured Environmental use traps to catch moles and are experts in mole trapping lancashire. The traps are humane so there is no suffering involved, and it is a job that is carried out with expertise. Moles control in lancashire can be the most infuriating thing to a keen gardener, especially when mole hills appear on the lawn.
Setting mole traps is incredibly skilful; people often see mole catchers with dirty hands and muddy knees after setting several traps, ideally the very bottom line is that we are trying to insert a trap into a mole run and make it seem that it had been there forever so that the mole doesnt notice it when he comes along. Once the mole is caught normality returns to the garden.
Trapping up a whole farm on the other hand is a very lengthy and painstaking job. For that quad bikes are used with specially designed boxes to carry traps and equipment.

Essex cancer charity chosen for Phil's marathon challenge

Stephanie Houltby, from Plaistow, North London, was selected by the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity to walk alongside Phil as part of his 26 miles, for 26 charities in 26 hours challenge (last year it took him 14 days).
Phil Packer, who sustained spinal injuries while serving with the British Armed Forces in February 2008, was told he would never walk again. However since this devastating news, Phil has set himself physical challenges. Phil chose to support the charity after winning the BBC Sport Personalitys Helen Rollason Award last year for his determination to inspire in the face of adversity.
Stephanie said: Im really looking forward to walking with Phil and I feel it is a real privilege to be part of this and help raise money for a charity I feel so passionately about.
26-year-old Stephanie has been using the Helen Rollason Cancer Support Centre at North Middlesex University Hospital, Edmonton, since her diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma in February 2009.
Stephanie added: Within a few days of beginning my chemotherapy I was booked in for my first appointment with one of the therapists at the Helen Rollason Cancer Support Centre.
The reflexology sessions not only gave me the opportunity to talk openly about how I was feeling, they provided a space to relax and feel at ease from the grinding chemo regime.
The Helen Rollason Cancer Charity provides cancer patients with access to therapies including counseling, reflexology, manual lymph drainage, aromatherapy and Bach flower remedies. The charity aims to support to cancer patients and their carers throughout varying stages of peoples cancer journeys.
The money raised on behalf of the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity will be ploughed in to help cancer patients in the south east benefit from centres like the ones in Edmonton (London), Chelmsford (Essex) and Sawbridgeworth (Herts).
Stephanie added: Its often heard that people feel lost once their chemotherapy or radiotherapy finishes and the appointment cycle slows, however when I completed my treatment, the Helen Rollason Cancer Support Centre was there for me.
After my eventful year I am now back to work and enjoying the feeling of being in remission. I can honestly say I dont think my recovery would have gone so smoothly without the welcome and caring nature of everyone at the support centre.
Phil Packer decided to choose the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity after winning the BBC Sport Personality of the Year Helen Rollason Award at the end of 2009. He was inspired by Helen Rollasons battle with cancer in the public eye and wanted to find out more about her legacy.
He said: I have now realised that while in hospital, the support from many people assisted me through the dark times. The question that I keep asking myself is: What if I did not have this support? I am now committed to ensuring I give as much as I can to those people that need support through those dark days.
Helen Rollason Cancer Support Centre co-ordinator, at the charitys centre in Edmonton, Rebecca Brainerd said: People coming to the centre often say how beneficial they find our services. We try to encourage a peaceful environment in which people living with cancer can come and not feel judged.
We were absolutely delighted Phil could visit us, talk with the therapists and cancer patients. We hope he got a real sense of what the charity is about.
For more information about Phil and his London Marathon challenge
To sponsor Phil on his marathon challenge and help raise money for the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity visit

Press contact: PR Officer – Melissa Matthews 01245 514700

A photo of Phil & Stephanie is available on request

The Helen Rollason Cancer Charity has four cancer support centres: two in Chelmsford, Essex; one in North Middlesex Hospital, London; and another in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, offering support to cancer patients along with their carers, family and friends.
The support centres offer counselling and a range of complementary therapies including reflexology, aromatherapy, counselling, massage and Manual Lymph Drainage.

The charity has a research laboratory at Anglia Ruskin University undertaking world-class research into a new potential biomarker and investigating whether we can predict responses to chemotherapy.
There is also a team of research nurses caring for cancer patients on clinical drug trials offered by the charity.
The charity has 11 retail shops in Hertfordshire, Essex and London and aims to extend its recently launched cancer support groups.
The charity, named after the first woman to present Grandstand, BBC Sports Helen Rollason MBE, marked its 10th anniversary of Helens involvement throughout 2009.
The BBC sport journalist gave her name and image to the charity, before she died of cancer in 1999, in a bid to attract national and international support.
She shared the vision of her oncologist, Professor Neville Davidson, that people should be treated as a whole and not just their illness.
She said: "Good quality of life while coping with cancer is the most important gift a sick person can receive; it should be available to everyone."
The charity receives limited funding, but relies heavily on funding from the community.

Registered Charity No. 1052861
Patron: Lord Coe KBE

chelmsford, broomfield, springfield

I Regenerist: How a new breed of young people are breathing life in Britain's most deprived areas

UK-based EMICA Consulting Ltd., under its CEO and Founder Alyas Khan, is bringing the style of connectivity, mixing enterprise, charity and self-help, into new thinking about how to revive threatened high streets up and down the UK.
Alyas cut his teeth as Britains youngest SRB co-ordinator, and latterly as one of a new generation of up-coming UK born Asian Muslims working for Grimleys and other consultancies during the regeneration boom. Now EMICA, which, when he set up in 2006 was primarily a fundraising consultancy, is bristling with new ideas for Britains regeneration scene.
When I took over, we initially continued with our core activity of fundraising in which we were able to properly represent the interests of the various communities in which we were working, says Alyas. Understanding how to overcome barriers of language and culture was second nature to us, as was the need to confront and oppose the in-built marginalization of diasporic communities. It was also natural for him to work and think internationally, supporting charities in India and Pakistan, while extending mainstream advisory work in the UK into Housing Management and Health. In so doing, EMICA was beginning to overcome the barriers between the international Development fields and home-based services, and take a generally much more international outlook.
So now EMICA can happily be talking to investors in the Middle East and Asia about setting up a vehicle to bring much-needed funds into run-down areas of UK cities, while setting up its UK Housing advisory to compliment its fundraising services, and at the same time ploughing profits into a Burnley venture which combines retailing, residential, and free meals for the elderly and after -school kids in a run-down area with deep ethnic divisions.
These kind of synergies were evident in the Castlemere community centre project which Alyas supported from 2000 onwards. Resident families maintained initiative and ownership by contributing £250 each at the beginning, and eventually ESF, SRB and local authority, Healthy Living and Sure Start funding took the project into a development valued at over £3m with and annual income of over £300,000. But it was the almost instinctive ability of the communities which were involved (perhaps based on years of struggle for survival without support) to link up elements such as community dentistry and childcare and community conferencing resources, which was remarkable.
Alyas is now turning his attention to the UK High Street and asking whether the present mixture of empty and charity shops couldnt be revitalized by bringing into them an Asian-style mix of enterprise, charity and incredibly low cost goods and services. Shoppers from the Asian quarters of Burnley dont tend to use the usual mix of budget shops in the town centre, not so much because of any spatial segregation, as because even they are much more expensive that the communitys own stores. Could direct investment, and trade, from the massive economies of India and China be brought directly like this into Britains run-down High Streets? Could this also bring with it the enterprise opportunities which they are so successful in developing? Wages are obviously lower, but so are the costs of living especially where underpinned by strong community self-support.
This idea may seem, on the face of it, quite crazy, a throw back to what existed in the UK at a former state of development. But are our High Streets now totally redundant or could they be brought back to life by parallel cultures in other global regions? And will they inevitably disappear in a more developed world, or could another, less destructive, pattern for progress be evolved in a second- chance scenario?
Crazy or not, Alyas thinking brings many fresh new ideas and insights into the problem, and the realities as experienced by our extensive pattern of settled BME communities . For example, he feels that institutional resistance from planners and other policy makers to multiculturalism runs counter to the realities of globalization. There is a presumption that growing and thriving minority ethnic communities must be contained, while nearby traditional British High Streets remain dying and empty: they cant go on channeling it all he says.
There is a housing shortage, so why not bring back families living above shops and bring town centers back to life? This lifestyle prevails in India and China but has virtually disappeared in the UK: why? Much of the clothing in the big supermarkets is imported, for example, from Bangladesh and India, but directly connected small traders could undercut them in the High Street in a way that the typical Asian quarter have long been doing.
In a move which conjures up an invitation to a new wave of Indian corner shop owners (where most of the first wave of proprietors have now gone on to bigger and better things), Alyas vision is that much more attention should be given to the potential for British Asians and Chinese who have now settled here to bring in energy and investment from contacts and partners in their countries of origin, to which they remain strongly linked. We are bringing doctors and other professionals, so why not High Street entrepreneurs?
When questioned about the likely political reaction to the take-over of Britains traditional areas, he explains that care and balance are needed, but that the Asian ethos of all hands and family members to the task is infectious and could draw in the involvement of many who are currently disillusioned and disengaged. Again , witness, for example, the surprising number of traditional Lancashire people who have in effect joined the Asian communities in the Pennines as wives, husbands and business partners.
This vision is entirely different from the mass migrations of the last century in which thousands came to provide cheap labour in Britains ailing factories, while minority supporting communities were allowed to come and set up, as it were by default. Alyas sees the potential now for starting with high-profile campaigns in which public education on the huge potential benefits of stronger direct global links plays a significant part. He also experiences at first hand the remaining very strong links between diasporic communities and their countries of origin (remember the massive responses to the Pakistan Earthquakes only three years ago). The huge potential for harnessing these trade links is being consistently ignored by our trading and enterprise institutions. He sees that Chambers of Commerce could be playing a key role in setting up exchanges with people in the big economies of Asia, via local links, to explore the possibilities, and that such an initiative could be piloted in places like Burnley. Overlays of carbon neutral and fair trading could be applied.
Change, dereliction, imbalance, globalization, cultural conflict and many other issues are the ingredients of the day: agree or disagree with Alyas, his thinking and vision as one of the first generation of British born Asian Muslims to come to the cutting edge of the regeneration scene is highly provocative and thought -provoking!

Leather Sofas Online Present the St Sulpice & Paris Sofabeds

The UKs leading leather sofa specialists, Leather Sofas Online, have just added two new sofabeds to their range of products. The St Sulpice and Paris sofabeds match existing upholstery ranges making it easy to have that extra double bed space when the house is full! Over the years Leather Sofas Online have proven themselves to be pioneers of high quality leather sofas and sofabeds at really affordable prices and these new sofabeds are no exception.

Their collection of sofabeds is one of the best available in the UK. Made from beautifully luxurious real leather, the sofas boast excellent slatted action and a fully sprung mattress, which provides deep comfort and can be used every night. They all fold out with an easy to use sprung action and fold away when not needed, giving you extra space in the home or that extra bed when you need it most.

The St Sulpice Brown Leather Sofabed is an addition to one of their most popular ranges. Generously sized, the design of this superlative sofabed is based on a 1930s original found in Paris and has a classic look and feel to it, with timeless appeal. A favourite with designers, this good looking piece is robust and sturdy, built to last and therefore also suitable for the rough and tumble of family life.

Made from a solid, non-tropical hardwood screwed and glued frame, it boasts comfortable and durable fibre-backed cushions, a pocket sprung seat and strong hardwood legs for ultimate strength, the St Sulpice sofabed is sure to draw admiring glances and comments from anyone who sees it.

Like all Leather Sofas Onlines products the St Sulpice and Paris sofabeds conform to UK government fire safety regulations and are made to a fantastic standard. The surface of the leather is treated with a hard wearing finish that while keeping its original appearance, also allows the leather to improve with age. The best part? The company are offering a massive £400 (31 per cent) saving on the sofabed now costing just £899, down from £1,299!

When it comes to genuine leather sofas and sofabeds, Leather Sofas Online is the place to go. With a dedication to producing only the best quality furniture, Leather Sofas Online offer a money back guarantee with a free return service if you change your mind or are unhappy with the product.

For more information, or to buy the St Sulpice Sofabed, please visit You can even follow them on Twitter at

On the Leather Sofas Online website, in addition to the Eames Lounger and Ottoman you will find a wide range of Design Classics, including the Corbusier Chaise Longue and Petit Confort Sofas, Mies van der Rohes Barcelona Chair & Stool and many Eames designs including the Eiffel Chair and Eames Rocker.

Leather Sofas Online also sell a variety of leather sofas such as the Design Classics range, sofabeds, beanbags and leather cushions, all at great prices.

'The Italian Club Fish' Liverpool's First Scottish Italian Fish Cafe Opens its Doors

The Italian Club Fish Liverpools First Italian Fish Caf Opens its Doors

On the corner of Bold Street in Liverpool City Centre, is Liverpools newest and most unique caf bar. Just like its mothership further down the street, The Italian Club, The Italian Club Fish is a direct import from ScotlandItalian Scotland to be precise.

A hark back to 1930s and 1960s culture in Scotland reveals a food landscape dominated by Italian cafes, commonly thought of today as fish and chip shops, but theres more much than meets the eye.

For whilst these so-called cafes serve traditional fish and chips, theres nothing typical about the extra virgin olive oil, imported from the vines of Tuscany, that is used in their preparation.

The Italian Club Fish! is the brainchild of Rosaria Crolla and is heavily influenced by her familys Scottish-Italian background. She describes it as a cross between a traditional fish and chip caf in Scotland with a Mediterranean theme.

She said: In my experience, Ive found it quite hard to find good fish and chips in Liverpool, there are no fish restaurants. There is a chasm in the restaurant market between the local chip shop and London Carriage Works. This is all about being fun whilst serving premium food without pretence.

Ms Crolla moved to Liverpool from Glasgow opening her own caf, The Italian Club, two years ago with her partner and head chef Maurizio Pellegrini. Both Italian Clubs were inspired by Ms Crollas late father, who turned his hand to fish and chips upon his arrival in Scotland.

A true family business, many recipes on the menu were inspired by the great Nona Crolla and both Ms Crollas mother and sister can now be found pitching in at both venues.

The character of the location brought The Italian Club great success, Ms Crolla observes I deliberately chose another unit here to increase passing trade in the evening. The menu offers something for everyone, on the one hand you can indulge with Lobster Thermidor or Mussels, on the other hand the traditional British favourite, fish and chips.

Prices at the restaurant start at as little as £2.50 for a bowl of marinated olives and range to £16.95 for its fresh half lobster, topped with a parmesan and veloute with a side of spaghetti in a fresh cherry tomato, served with mixed leaves.

Head Chef Maurizio Pellegrini added: All our dishes are prepared from fresh, so your meal will take longer to cook, but I promise you its definitely worth the wait. The basis of our cooking is extra virgin olive oil, that renders our dishes light and healthy.

Drinks on offer include limited edition Prosecco, wine and also specialist cocktails, which have been created with the help of the resident mixologist.

The Italian Club Fish
128 Bold Street
L1 4JA


For further information please contact Gillian on 0151-703-0917 or

Quick Funds, Less Formalities with 'No Fax Payday Loans'

London(Shakespeare Finance ) 15th April ’10: We are very well aware of the fact that a large documentation process is really disturbing and irritating but, a person has to fulfill all these requirements if he is going to avail some cash in return of it. However, in the present times, this fact is also noted by numerous lenders, which are now ready to offer ‘no fax payday loans’ with less or even no documentation involved.

Looking deep into the matter, one would get to know that the lenders have now analysed the fact that how much an individual hates to fulfill irritating formalities which can be skipped for short term loans.

Hence, with the product like ‘no fax payday loans’ you can easily get the required amount of funds without signing over a large number of papers. The direct benefit coming to you is cut down on time. As the large documentation process is not involved in its process, this comes up as a time savior automatically.

Further, a person who has defaulted with debt repayments in past will also get the chance of bagging required funds without disclosing the past credit record.

Therefore, if a person is going on with regular employment, he can easily get his hands over required funds, skipping out of the long formalities.

Quarter of holidaymakers unaware that DIY holidays don't have same protection

Three quarters of those surveyed by Quidco said they usually or sometimes book each part of their holiday independently, rather than as a package. But one in four people rising to four in ten under-25s were unaware that unlike package holidays, DIY trips are not protected by ATOL. In the event of an airline collapse, DIY holidaymakers only have protection if they have bought an insurance policy with Scheduled Airline Failure Cover, or can claim against their credit or Visa debit card.

Over-65s were found to be the most independent travellers, with just 17% saying they always chose a package deal. They were also the most impulsive, with one in four saying they spend less than two hours researching and booking their main annual holiday, compared to an average of 8 hours.

At the other end of the spectrum, 18 – 24 year olds were the most likely to always book a package deal (28%) and to buy their travel insurance through the travel agent, tour operator or airline they booked their trip with (20%). One in eight (13%) told Quidco that they travel without insurance.

Four in ten people said they shopped around for the cheapest foreign currency. Quidco also found that:

* People in Yorkshire are the most savvy about shopping around to get the best deal on their foreign currency (46%) while those from the rest of the North-East are the least likely to compare prices (30%)
* Londoners are the most likely to leave it until the last minute to buy currency at the airport (5%)
* A third of Welsh holidaymakers are unaware that DIY holidays have less financial protection
* The most impulsive travellers hail from the West Country one in ten spend less than two hours researching and booking their main annual holiday
* People living in the South (Thames Valley, Sussex and Kent) spend the longest planning their break – 42% devote at least 12 hours to the task
* Careful Scots and Midlanders are the least likely to risk going on holiday without buying insurance (2%)
* People from the Borders are the most interested in feedback from fellow holidaymakers – 86% will use customer review sites when researching their holiday
* The luckiest travellers are from the East of England, where just 14% have made a travel insurance claim
* People in the North-West are least likely to turn to travel agents for inspiration (39%) and prefer to do their research online at travel booking sites and customer review websites
* Scots are the most likely to turn to newspapers and magazines for holiday inspiration (25%).

Nicola Frame from Quidco says:

"Holidaymakers on a budget might think they can risk travelling without insurance, but if you compare the cost of an insurance policy with the potential cost of lost baggage, missed flights or a return flight to the UK if you get stranded by a collapsed airline, the question should really be, can you afford not to?

"We’ll happily spend several hours researching and booking our summer holidays, so its worth spending just a few minutes more to shop around for the best deal on currency and insurance. It might be more convenient to buy from the travel agent or operator you book with, or change your money at the airport, but you’re likely to pay well over the odds if you do."


Notes to editors

* Survey of 1,049 Quidco members, April 2010

Holidaymakers can currently get cashback of up to £20 or 19.2% of the policy value when they buy a travel insurance policy from one of the 33 insurers listed at

Cashback is also available on foreign currency, holidays, hotels, flights, car hire, airport parking, ferries and rail and coach tickets bought through Quidco.

About Quidco

Quidco is the easy way for people to save money on every purchase. It pays cashback when people click through and make a purchase at any of the 2,000 retailers listed on its website, by paying 100% of the commission it gets from the retailer, directly into the shoppers bank account. Members pay an annual fee of £5 which funds the site.

Quidco was founded in 2005 with a mission to help people save money and is the UKs leading cashback website (Source: Hitwise Jan 2010). The site is free to join and currently has more than 800,000 members who will save a total of £35m this year.

Multi-Channel Radio Modem Transmitter & Receivers

Unlike raw FM radio module alternatives, these modules take care of preamble, synchronisation, bit balancing, error checking, and noise squelching, as well as all transmit timing, valid data identification and datastream buffering activities. This allows a data link to set be set up with the minimum of engineering effort. Each module can be assigned 1 of 8 unique addresses, so that a multiple radio link network can be established, provided no two modules are attempting to transmit at the same time on same channel.

The transmitter has an output power of 10 dBm (10 mW), while the receiver has a sensitivity of -107 dBm. The modules require a 5 V power supply, drawing just 28 mA for transmitting and 22mA for receiving. They have an operating temperature range of -20 C to +70 C.

Both the transmitter and receiver comply with EN 300 220-2 and EN 301 489-3 standards. Key applications for these modules include handheld/portable terminals, industrial/commercial telemetry systems, data loggers, and in-building environmental monitoring systems.

About Radiometrix
Founded in 1985, London-based Radiometrix has become a leading global developer of low power VHF and UHF radio modules for licence-exempt and licensed frequency bands. It highly experienced engineering team produce products for a wide variety of applications, with both customized and off-the-shelf solutions available through its global sales and distribution network.

For more information go to

Contact Radiometrix
Radiometrix Ltd.
Hartcran House, 231 Kenton Lane, Harrow,
Middlesex, HA3 8RP, UK.
Tel: +44 (0) 208-909-9595
Fax: +44 (0) 208-909-2233

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Free debt advice has never been in such high demand as it is now, and it seems as though everyone is offering it, yet it’s safe to say that R & R Financial Solutions are doing their bit to get Britain back on track. 

Great Britain now owes more money than the value of our entire country’s annual produce, according to the latest figures from Credit Action, with total UK personal debt standing at £1.46bn as of the end of February 2010 – yet another figure rising year-on-year – and people all over Britain are struggling to come to terms with their own personal circumstances.

The average household debt in the UK, including mortgages, is now £58,083 and this increasing debt pile now means that an average family has to cough up 15 per cent of total income purely to meet interest payments on debt, according to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

It’s a sorry state of affairs but from a person-to-person perspective, R & R Financial Solutions can help. We assist thousands of UK families, individuals and couples living with debt worries.

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