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Are there really serious savings out there or is it all a ruse to get us to spend more?

Posted 20th January 2010.

At HotVouchers.com, we have created new ways of identifying the savings which will bring the biggest deals out to the front, so you don’t have to search through endless categories or randomly sift through retailers who may or may not have serious offers.

Under our new section "Offers > 20%" we select the biggest savings, for example you can save 50% off your next MOT at Nationwide Autocentres – that is a big saving and would make a real difference. Especially as there is little choice about having your MOT done!

We’ve also got 50% off from shops and stores that you have to shop in, like supermarkets and other day-to-day essentials. If you are desperate like us to escape the cold weather then there are also excellent savings on holidays and days out.

So visit HotVouchers.com and we will make life a little easier and a lot cheaper.