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Allergency: Food Allergy Alert

TryAround App Ltd

Posted 3rd February 2017.

United Kingdom – TryAround App Ltd just launched ‘Allergency’, the world’s first ‘Food allergy Medical id’ and ‘Anaphylaxis SMS app’ for iPhone users on
1 February 2017.

Available in 28 major languages, this unique app for Food Allergy consumers responds to food allergy emergency by keeping track of standard food allergies and by alerting nearby people or even sends SMS texts to emergency contacts and emergency services by sharing the GPS locations particularly useful for younger population. It comes quite handy in both emergency and anaphylaxis situations for Kids and Parents.

TryAround App Ltd
Registered in England & Wales with company number 08290809

Press Contact

Name: Emmanuel John

Phone Number: 07713152864

Email Address: contact@allergydisplay.com